HC Deb 14 November 1957 vol 577 cc1125-6
19. Sir I. Fraser

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies the total net expenditure met from United Kingdom funds for aid of any kind to the Colonial Empire; and what is the cost of administration falling upon the United Kingdom.

Mr. Profumo

In 1956–57, the latest year for which figures of actual expenditure are available, the total net expenditure from United Kingdom Government funds was £47.3 million. In addition, public loans on the London Market raised by Colonial Governments totalled £9.75 million. The cost of administration cannot be isolated: it is covered by total net expenditure of £1.4 million on the Colonial Office Vote.

Sir I. Fraser

Will my hon. Friend represent to the Minister that, having regard to the fact that £150 million is equal to 1s. on the Income Tax, the proposals made by the Labour Party to spend that money in the Colonies is extremely misleading and is probably utterly "phoney"?

Mr. Profumo

I think my hon. Friend is on to a very good point there.

Mr. Callaghan

Before the Under-Secretary of State commits himself to that comment, perhaps he would study the proposals in greater detail. If he does, he will find that it is the usual practice of this party, as opposed to the party now in Government, to keep its Election promises.

Mr. Profumo

I am not necessarily prepared to subscribe to the view that the hon. Gentleman has expressed, but if this is regarded as an Election promise by the party opposite, heaven save our country if they ever get into power again and this expenditure has to be put into effect.