HC Deb 21 May 1957 vol 570 c1005
Mr. Dugdale

I beg to present a humble Petition signed by 6.000 residents of the Borough of Brentford and Chiswick, which states that in that area there are more than 2,000 families registered on the housing list of the local authority as being in need of rehousing. to whom the local authority can offer no hope of rehousing for many years to come. In these conditions the proposals of Her Majesty's Government in the Rent Bill now before Parliament will decontrol 6,399 homes in this Borough and will inflict misery, hardship and disruption of family life on a scale impossible to bear.

Wherefore your Petitioners pray that, until Her Majesty's Government's housing programme is abreast of housing needs, the Bill shall be rejected.

And your Petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray.

To lie upon the Table.

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