HC Deb 21 November 1956 vol 560 cc1746-8
42. Mr. Lewis

asked the Minister of Defence what arms and munitions were captured from the Egyptians during the recent armed conflict with Egypt, and to what extent this military equipment was manufactured in Czechoslovakia, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Britain, respectively.

Mr. Head

I have received a statement giving the latest count of equipment captured by the Allied Forces. As it is very detailed, I will, with permission, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Mr. Lewis

Can the Minister confirm or deny that amongst those arms and munitions which have been captured—we all regret and deplore that the Russians and Czechs have supplied them—were some which Britain has been supplying, and that some of these arms that were used against our boys were supplied by this Government up to a week or two before the Eden war commenced?

Mr. Head

There is another Question down about the supply of British equipment.

Mr. Stokes rose

Mr. Lewis

On a point of order. I put a supplementary question to the Minister and he did not refuse to answer it but referred to another Question. Surely, if I put a supplementary question and it is in order, the Minister should not refer to a later Question, knowing that it will not come up.

Mr. Speaker

That is not a point of order. It is quite usual.

Mr. Stokes

Whilst I appreciate what the Minister says about publishing the detailed figures in the OFFICIAL REPORT, can he tell the House whether the summation of those figures reveals a substantial increase in the supply of arms from Russia to Egypt beyond that which Her Majesty's Government had already ascertained and knew about?

Mr. Head

The amount of arms captured does not give an overall picture of the total in Egypt, but I would say that the proportion of arms captured substantiates and, indeed, underlines our previous estimates of the supply of Russian equipment.

Mr. Bellenger

Have any Czech or Russian arms and ammunition been captured

Equipment Total Czech U.S.S.R. U.K.
SU 100 (S.P. guns) 3 3
Wireless sets for above 3 3
100 mm. Ammunition, H.E 340 340
Fuses for above 500 500
100 mm. Ammunition, A.P.B.C 200 200
32-Barrel 131 mm. Rocket Launcher 3 3
131 mm. Rockets 300 300
100 mm. A/Tk. Rocket Launcher Tarasnice 2 2
100 mm. Tarasnice Rockets 90 90
Fuses for above 760 760
6-pdr. guns 4 4
6-pdr. Ammunition, H.E. 50 50
6-pdr. Ammunition, A.P.B.C. 70 70
3.7 inch guns 2 2
3.7 inch ammunition, A.P. 500 500
A.P. Mines, POM Z-2 500 500
A.P. Hand Grenades 6 6
3 in. Mortar Bombs 200 200
7.62 mm. L.M.G. 52 2 50
7.62mm. S.L. Rifle 520 20 500
7.62 mm. Ammunition 7,000 7,000
7.92 mm. Machine carbine 10 10
7.92 mm. Rifle 25 25
7.92 mm. ammunition 40,000 40,000
A/Tk. Magnetic mines 40 40
.303 Lee Enfield 420 420
.303 Ammunition 40,000 40,000
Greener Mk. III 20 20
9 mm. Ammunition 168,000 168,000
Eley buckshot 500 500
Praga G.S. 10 ton vehicles 3 3
Bedford 3 ton vehicles 20 20
Fordson 3 ton vehicles 20 20
Thorneycroft 3 ton diesel 3 3
Austin PU 12 12
Bren carriers 2 2
Tecalemit Pressure Greasing Plant, Portable 1 1

In addition the following equipment of other nationalities was captured:—

83 mm. Blindicede Rocket Launcher (Belgian) 10
83 mm. Blindicede Rockets 100
7.92 mm. FN L.M.G (Belgian) 10
30 mm. Hispano Suiza Cannon (Spanish) 8
81 mm. Ecia Mortars (Spanish) 3
Bombs for above (Spanish) 370
A.P Grenades (Red Devil) (Italian) 80
7.9 mm. M 49 Ball (Yugoslav) 1,800
.303 Rifles (Citadel) (Egyptian) 36
Rifles (unidentified) 50
57 mm. A.P.C.B.C (unidentified) 140
Willys vehicles (American) 30
Breakdown Lorry, 10 ton 1

by British forces? If so, will representatives of the right hon. Gentleman's Department or of the Service Departments have an opportunity of inspecting them?

Mr. Head

Yes, Sir, we have captured both Russian and Czech equipment. We are inspecting them and we may bring some back to this country.

Following is the statement: The following is the latest count of Egyptian equipment captured by the Allied Forces, analysed into countries of origin.