HC Deb 05 November 1956 vol 558 cc1945-6
Mrs. Braddock

On a point of order. In regard to the protection of individual Members of Parliament, do you consider it necessary, Mr. Speaker, that when a Member of Parliament goes into a certain part of London to speak it is necessary to have in attendance three mounted policemen—[Interruption]—two vanloads of constables, four police cars, and goodness knows how many higher officials of the police? Would you please tell me whether I am in order in saying that if those policemen were there to protect me, I do not need it. If they were there for some other purpose, perhaps you could tell me how I can put a Question to the Home Secretary in order to advise him that it is utmost provocation to have that number of police at a perfectly passive meeting? The Prime Minister may need that protection; I do not, and the ordinary workers at the meeting do not.

Mr. Speaker

I do not think I can answer that question. If the hon. Lady wishes to put a Question to the Home Secretary, she had better put it down in the usual way.

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