HC Deb 22 March 1956 vol 550 c1477

Resolution reported, That for the purposes of any Act of the present Session to amend the Teachers (Superannuation) Acts, 1918 to 1946, and so much of the Education (Scotland) Acts, 1939 to 1953, as relates to superannuation and to the employment of teachers over the age of sixty-five years, and for purposes connected therewith, it is expedient to authorise the payment out of moneys provided by Parliament of any sums authorised or required to be so paid by virtue of any provisions of the said Act of the present Session (including any increase attributable thereto in the sums payable out of such moneys under any other enactment) being provisions

  1. (a) for the restoration to teachers as from the commencement of the said Act of annual superannuation allowances previously terminated by reason of the re-employment of those teachers in contributory service or in employment which would apart from their age be contributory service, and the continued payment of annual superannuation allowances to teachers who, having been granted such allowances, are at that date or thereafter become re-employed as aforesaid;
  2. (b) for the repayment to teachers who, having been granted a superannuation allowance or gratuity, are at any time reemployed in contributory service, but do not qualify by virtue of their re-employment for any further allowance or gratuity, of contributions paid by them in respect of any period of re-employment after the commencement of the said Act;
  3. (c) amending the law as to the intervals at which instalments of annuities and annual allowances may be paid;
  4. (d) enabling the Minister to treat as contributory service for the purpose of calculating the amounts of allowances or gratuities of teachers employed in contributory service previous employment providing experience of value to them as teachers, being employment in respect of which contributions of such amount as the Minister may prescribe are paid by the teachers.

Resolution agreed to.