HC Deb 24 January 1956 vol 548 cc19-20
27. Major Beamish

asked the Secretary of State for War if he will extend to three months the period of 61 days during which adjutant/quartermasters and their clerks are at present expected to place Home Guard units on a reserve basis; and if he will grant 28 days' leave with full pay at the end of this period.

31 and 33. Mr. Gough

asked the Secretary of State for War (1) to what extent the terms of service under Territorial Army regulations apply to Home Guard officers; and what notice is required for the termination of employment of an adjutant/quartermaster in the Home Guard;

(2) what notice was given to adjutant/quartermasters in Home Guard units when their services were recently terminated.

Mr. Head

The period of notice for adjutant/quartermasters in Home Guard units was laid down as 61 days in their original contract. I have extended it to 91 days. So far as financial conditions are concerned, Territorial Army Regulations do not apply to these officers.

Major Beamish

Is my right hon. Friend aware that the extension to 91 days will be widely welcomed, but is not the failure to grant a period of a month's leave with pay at the end a little less than generous?

Mr. Head

? I think it will be an exception if the Territorial adjutant/quartermasters are not able to wind up their units and have a month's leave within the period of 91 days.

Mr. Gough

Whatever the Regulations may be, would my right hon. Friend agree that Christmas Eve is not considered to be the normal date on which to give termination of service? Would he think again, in view of the fact that these adjutant/quartermasters have a lot of work to do, and would he not think it at least fair to give termination notice when they have wound up their affairs, which will probably be in another two or three months' time?

Mr. Head

The original contract included a termination of 61 days, and my hon. Friend is asking me to give 61 days' paid leave, which was not in the contract. I have extended it by 30 days, and I am satisfied that they will all have ample time to wind up their units and have some paid leave as well.

Mr. Gough rose


Mr. Speaker

Order, order. Mr. Wigg.