HC Deb 17 February 1956 vol 548 c2757

Select Committee appointed to consider the Naval Discipline Act, and to make recommendations for the amendment thereof:

Commander Agnew, Mr. Callaghan, Mr. W. J. Edwards, Mr. Greville Howard, Vice-Admiral Hughes Hallett, Commander Maitland, Lieutenant-Commander Maydon, Mr. Basil Nield, Mr. Paget, Mr. William Ross, Mr. Simon, Sir Patrick Spens. Mr. William Wells, and Mr. Willis:

Power to communicate from time to time with the Departmental Drafting Committee to be appointed to assist them by the First Lord of the Admiralty:

Five to be the Quorum:

Power to send for persons, papers and records:

Power to report from time to time.—[Mr. E. Wakefield.]