HC Deb 25 April 1956 vol 551 c1787

Resolution reported, That, for the purposes of any Act of the present Session relating to Finance, it is expedient to authorise—

  1. (a) the issue out of the Consolidated Fund of such sums as may be required for the purpose of making to bodies concerned with the carrying on of industries or undertakings under national ownership or control advances not exceeding the sum of seven hundred million pounds;
  2. (b) the raising by the Treasury in any manner in which they are authorised to raise money under the National Loans Act, 1939, and the payment into the Exchequer, of any money needed for providing the sums authorise to be issued under the foregoing paragraph, or for repaying to the Consolidated Fund all or any part of the sums so issued;
  3. (c) the repayment into the Exchequer, with interest, of any sums authorised to be issued under this Resolution and their re-issue out of the Consolidated Fund and application in redemption or repayment of debt or, in so far as they represent interest, towards meeting such part of the annual charges for the national debt as represents interest.