HC Deb 24 March 1955 vol 538 cc2247-8
12. Mr. Fletcher-Cooke

asked the President of the Board of Trade the value, expressed in pence per lb., of the export taxes on raw cotton exported to this country, imposed by India, Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Mexico, and Peru.

Mr. P. Thorneycroft

I will, with permission, circulate this information in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Mr. Fletcher-Cooke

Can my right hon. Friend say whether there is a tendency for the taxes in all these countries to rise and, if so, does he consider that it is just as much a threat to our cotton textile industry as are cheap labour conditions in Asia?

Mr. Thorneycroft

I am not sure that I am circulating any alterations in these taxes, but I set out a list of what the taxes are. I should not like to express a firm opinion about the effect of these taxes, because the effect which taxes have on the world price of cotton is a matter of great debate.

Following is the information:

The present export duties on raw cotton in the countries mentioned are as follows:

India: 6¾ d. per lb. except Assam/Commilla varieties, which are exempt from duty, and yellow pickings and linters and Zoda cotton, i.e. cotton of third picking and unspinnable quality, which pay a duty of 30 per cent. ad. valorem.

Pakistan: Sind Desi. Punjab Desi and Commilla varieties 3.9d. per lb. Other varieties 5.85d. per lb.

Egypt: Karnac and Menoufi varieties 6.96d. per lb. Other varieties 4.64d. per lb.

Sudan: Sakel variety 4.9d. per lb. American type (Wild's variety) 4.42d. per lb. American type (other varieties) 3.94d. per lb. Lugata, Shawabik 2.45d. per lb.

Syria: 1¼d. per lb.

Mexico: Unginned 10 per cent. ad. valorem-Ginned 22 per cent. ad. valorem.

Peru: The basic price is fixed by the Government. Cotton sold below the basic price is not liable to export duty. Cotton sold at above the basic price pays an export duty equivalent to the difference between the price paid to the producer and the basic price. The latter is subject to change from time to time.

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