HC Deb 16 March 1955 vol 538 cc1428-30

Select Committee appointed to examine the Reports and Accounts of the Nationalised Industries established by Statute whose controlling Boards are wholly appointed by Ministers of the Crown and whose annual receipts are not wholly or mainly derived from moneys provided by Parliament or advanced from the Exchequer, and to obtain further information as to so much of the current policy and practices of those industries as are not matters which—

  1. (a) have been decided by or clearly engage the responsibility of any Ministers;
  2. (b) concern wages and conditions of employment and other questions normally decided by collective bargaining arrangements;
  3. (c) fall to be considered through formal machinery established by the relevant Statutes, or
  4. 1429
  5. (d) are matters of day-to-day administration:

Mr. Albu, Mr. Ernest Davies, Viscount Hinchingbrooke, Sir Ian Horobin, Dame Florence Horsbrugh, Mr. James Hutchison, Mr. Noel-Baker, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Ramsden, Mr. Renton, Sir Patrick Spens, Mr. George Strauss, and Mr. Wade. Five to be the Quorum:

Power to send for persons, papers and records; Power to report from time to time.—[Sir C. Drewe.]

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