HC Deb 08 June 1955 vol 542 cc13-34

The House met at half-past Two o'clock, and Mr. SPEAKER-ELECT (the RIGHT HON. WILLIAM SHEPHERD MORRISON) having taken the Chair,

Message to attend the Lords Commissioners;

The House went; and, having returned,

Mr. Speaker

I have to report to the House that, in the House of Peers, Her Majesty, by Her Royal Commissioners, has been pleased to approve the choice made of myself for the Office of your Speaker, and that I have, in your name, and on your behalf, laid claim, by humble Petition to Her Majesty, to all your ancient and undoubted rights and privileges, particularly to freedom of speech in debate, freedom from arrest, freedom of access to Her Majesty whenever occasion may require, and that the most favourable construction may be placed upon all your proceedings. All these Her Majesty, by Her Commissioners, has been pleased to allow and confirm in as ample a manner as they have ever been granted or confirmed by Herself or by any of Her Royal Predecessors.

My first duty to the House is to repeat my very respectful acknowledgments and my grateful thanks for the great honour which you have conferred upon me in placing me in the Chair.

I must now call upon hon. Members, according to the usual custom, to take the Oath of Allegiance at the Table of the House, first doing so myself.

Thereupon Mr. SPEAKER first, alone, standing upon the upper step of the Chair, took and subscribed the Oath.

Mr. Speaker

I shall first call upon the Members of the two Front Benches to take the Oath, Members on the Government Front Bench first, and Members on the Opposition Front Bench second. After that, I shall call upon Privy Councillors and ex-Ministers. When these have been sworn, I shall make a statement as to the order in which I propose to take the other benches.

The following Members took and subscribed the Oath, or made and subscribed the Affirmation required by Law:

Right honourable Sir Robert Anthony Eden, K.G., M.C., Warwick and Leamington.

Captain the Right honourable Harry Frederick Comfort Crookshank, C.H., Gainsborough.

Right honourable Maurice Harold Macmillan, Bromley.

Major the Right honourable Gwilym Lloyd-George, T.D., Newcastle-upon-Tyne, North.

Right honourable Alan Tindal Lennox-Boyd, Mid-Bedfordshire.

Right honourable James Gray Stuart, M.V.O., M.C., Moray and Nairn.

Right honourable Sir Walter Turner Monckton, K.C.M.G., K.C.V.O., M.C., Q.C., Bristol, West.

Right honourable John Selwyn Brooke Lloyd, C.B.E., T.D., Q.C., Wirral.

Right honourable Osbert Peake, Leeds, North-East.

Right honourable George Edward Peter Thorneycroft, Monmouth.

Right honourable Patrick George Thomas Buchan-Hepburn, C.B.E., Beckenham.

Right honourable Antony Henry Head, C.B.E., M.C., Carshalton.

Right honourable James Purdon Lewes Thomas, Hereford.

Right honourable Duncan Sandys, Wandsworth, Streatham.

Right honourable Sir David McAdam Eccles, Chippenham.

Right honourable Geoffrey William Lloyd, Sutton Coldfield.

Right honourable Sir Reginald Edward Manningham-Buller, Q.C., South Northants.

Right honourable John Archibald Boyd-Carpenter, Kingston-upon-Thames.

Lieutenant-Colonel the Right honourable Derick Heathcoat Amory, Tiverton.

Right honourable Evelyn Nigel Chetwode Birch, O.B.E., West Flint.

Harold Arthur Watkinson, esquire, Woking.

Sir Harry Braustyn Hylton Hylton-Foster, Q.C., York.

Leonard David Gammans, esquire, Hornsey.

George Reginald Ward, esquire, commonly called the honourable George Reginald Ward, Worcester.

Right honourable Harold Anthony Nutting, Melton.

Commander Allan Herbert Percy Noble, D.S.O., D.S.C., Chelsea.

Arthur Hugh Elsdale Molson, esquire, High Peak.

Brigadier John George Smyth, V.C., M.C., Lambeth, Norwood.

Right honourable William Rankine Milligan, Edinburgh, North.

Right honourable Charles Hill, Luton.

Right honourable Austin Richard William Low, C.B.E., D.S.O., T.D., Blackpool, North.

Right honourable Henry Lennox D'Aubigne Hopkinson, esquire, C.M.G., Taunton.

Right honourable Iain Norman Macleod, Enfield, West.

Robert Hugh Turton, esquire, M.C., Thirsk and Malton.

Frederick James Erroll, esquire, Altrincham and Sale.

James Henderson Stewart, esquire, East Fife.

William Grant, esquire, Glasgow, Woodside.

Alfred Ernest Marples, esquire, Wallasey.

Lancelot William Joynson-Hicks, esquire, commonly called the honourable Lancelot William Joynson-Hicks, Chichester.

Edward Richard George Heath, esquire, M.B.E., Bexley.

Donald Kaberry, esquire, T.D., Leeds, North-West.

Jack Nixon Browne, esquire, C.B.E., Glasgow, Craigton.

John Dennis Profumo, esquire, O.B.E., Stratford.

John Reginald Bevins, esquire, Liverpool, Toxteth.

William Francis Deedes, esquire, M.C., Ashford.

George Richard Hodges Nugent, esquire, Guildford.

John Adrian Hope, esquire, commonly called Lord John Adrian Hope, Edinburgh, Pentlands.

Sir Hugh Vere Huntly Duff Lucas-Tooth, baronet, Hendon, South.

Arthur Douglas Dodds-Parker, esquire, Banbury.

Henry Brooke, esquire, Hampstead.

Henry Grey Studholme, esquire, C.V.O., Tavistock.

Thomas Galloway Dunlop Galbraith, esquire, commonly called the honourable Thomas Galloway Dunlop Galbraith, Glasgow, Hillhead.

Hendrie Dudley Oakshott, esquire, M.B.E., Bebington.

Harmar Nicholls, esquire, Peterborough.

Margaret Patricia Hornsby-Smith, Chislehurst.

Kenelm Simon Digby Wingfield Digby, esquire, West Dorset.

Dennis Forwood Vosper, esquire, Runcorn.

Right honourable Reginald Maudling, Barnet.

Lieutenant-Commander Richard Hilton Marler Thompson, Croydon, South.

Martin Redmayne, esquire, D.S.O., Rushcliffe.

Gerald Wills, esquire, M.B.E., Bridgwater.

Robert Alexander Allan, esquire, D.S.O., O.B.E., Paddington, South.

Peter Richard Legh, esquire, commonly called the honourable Peter Richard Legh, Petersfield.

Lieutenant-Colonel James Harwood Harrison, T.D., Eye.

Right honourable Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, K.G., O.M., C.H., Woodford.

Right honourable Clement Richard Attlee, O.M., C.H., Walthamstow, West.

Right honourable Herbert Stanley Morrison, C.H., Lewisham, South.

Right honourable Hugh Todd Naylor Gaitskell, C.B.E., Leeds, South.

Right honourable James Chuter Ede, C.H., South Shields.

Right honourable James Griffiths, Llanelly.

Right honourable William Whiteley, C.H., Blaydon.

Right honourable James Harold Wilson, O.B.E., Huyton.

Right honourable Arthur Woodburn, Clackmannan and East Stirlingshire.

Right honourable Richard Rapier Stokes, M.C., Ipswich.

Right honourable Alfred Robens, Blyth.

Right honourable Edward Hugh John Neal Dalton, Bishop Auckland.

Right honourable George Alfred Brown, Belper.

Right honourable Thomas Williams, Don Valley.

Right honourable Arthur Henderson, Q.C., Rowley Regis and Tipton.

Right honourable Edith Summerskill, Warrington.

Right honourable Patrick Chrestien Gordon-Walker, Smethwick.

Right honourable Charles William Key, Poplar.

Right honourable George Alfred Isaacs, Southwark.

Right honourable Walter Elliot Elliot, C.H., M.C., Glasgow, Kelvingrove.

Sir Arwyn Lynn Ungoed-Thomas, Q.C., Leicester, North-East.

Right honourable George Russell Strauss, Lambeth, Vauxhall.

Leonard James Callaghan, esquire, Cardiff, South-East.

Right honourable Hector McNeil, Greenock.

Captain the Right honourable Charles Waterhouse, M.C., Leicester, South-East.

Right honourable Florence Horsbrugh, G.B.E., Manchester, Moss Side.

Ernest Popplewell, esquire, C.B.E., Newcastle-upon-Tyne, West.

Major the Right honourable Sir Thomas Lionel Dugdale, baronet, T.D., Richmond (Yorks).

Right honourable Lewis John Edwards, O.B.E., Brighouse and Spenborough.

Right honourable Kenneth Gilmour Younger, Grimsby.

Colonel the Right honourable Sir Charles Glen MacAndrew, T.D., North Ayrshire and Bute.

Right honourable Emanuel Shinwell, Easington.

Right honourable John Scott Maclay, C.M.G., West Renfrewshire.

Thomas Fraser, esquire, Hamilton.

Right honourable Charles Williams, Torquay.

Charles Rider Hobson, esquire, Keighley.

James Riley Holt Hutchison, esquire, D.S.O., T.D., Glasgow, Scotstoun.

Thomas Steele, esquire, West Dunbartonshire.

Harold Neal, esquire, Bolsover.

Herbert William Bowden, esquire, C.B.E., Leicester, South-West.

Joseph Thomas Price, esquire, West-houghton.

Harry Bernard Taylor, esquire, Mansfield.

Douglas Harold Johnston, esquire, Q.C., Paisley.

Right honourable Arthur George Bottomley, O.B.E., Rochester and Chatham.

Right honourable Hilary Adair Marquand, Middlesbrough, East.

William Albert Wilkins, esquire, Bristol, South.

Sir Robert John Graham Boothby, K.B.E., East Aberdeenshire.

Hervey Rhodes, esquire, D.F.C., Ashton-under-Lyne.

William Reid Blyton, esquire, Houghtonle-Spring.

Major William John Anstruther-Gray, M.C., Berwick and East Lothian.

Charles Royle, esquire, Salford, West.

Right honourable Evelyn John St. Loe Strachey, Dundee, West.

Captain Richard Antony Pilkington, M.C., Poole.

George Henry Rowland Rogers, esquire, Kensington, North.

David Treharne Llewellyn, esquire, Cardiff, North.

Horace Edwin Holmes, esquire, D.C.M., Hemsworth.

Sir Austin Uvedale Morgan Hudson, baronet, Lewisham, North.

John Henry Jones, esquire, Rotherham.

Sir Robert Archibald Cary, Manchester, Withington.

Wilfrid Andrew Burke, esquire, Burnley.

Hamilton William Kerr, esquire, Cambridge.

George Samuel Lindgren, esquire, Wellingborough.

John Taylor, esquire, West Lothian.

Commander Peter Garnett Agnew, South Worcestershire.

Arthur Blenkinsop, esquire, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, East.

Gerard Spencer Summers, esquire, Aylesbury.

Frederick Lee, esquire, Newton.

Arthur Pearson, esquire, C.B.E., Pontypridd.

Arthur Cecil Allen, esquire, Bosworth.

Frederick Thomas Willey, esquire, Sunderland, North.

Charles James Simmons, esquire, Brierley Hill.

Robert Michael Maitland Stewart, esquire, Fulham.

Stanley Norman Evans, esquire, Wednesbury.

Right honourable Frederick John Bellenger, Bassetlaw.

Margaret McCrorie Herbison, North Lanarkshire.

Right honourable David Rees Grenfell, C.B.E., Gower.

Right honourable Clement Edward Davies, Q.C., Montgomery.

Samuel Philip Viant, esquire, C.B.E., Willesden, West.

Fitzroy Hew Royle Maclean, esquire, C.B.E., Lancaster.

Sir Robert Villiers Grimston, baronet, Westbury.

Edward Birkbeck Wakefield, esquire, C.I.E., West Derbyshire.

Mr. Speaker

To minimise, as far as I can, the inconvenience to hon. Members of waiting for an indefinite period, I have determined upon a pre-arranged order of benches to be called. I am about to announce that. This has been tried in the past, but it has sometimes been not a success because hon. Members, in their zeal to perform their duty, have tended to favour those benches which have a priority. So I am asking hon. Members, when I mention "benches," to regard the bench in which they are now sitting as their bench.

I propose to call first the back bench above the Gangway on my right, followed by the back bench above the Gangway on my left; then the second bench below the Gangway on my right, followed by the second bench below the Gangway on my left; and that will be enough. I have caused to be published on the notice boards of the House the rest of the order. Hon. Members can consult that and see when they are likely to come on.

As to the hours of the Sitting, as I am unaided in the Chair today I propose to sit now until a quarter to Five and then suspend the Sitting until half-past Five. I shall then sit again until 7–30 and suspend the Sitting again until 8.30. I will then sit again until 10 o'clock, if necessary, and review the position.

The following Members took and subscribed the Oath, or made and subscribed the Affirmation required by Law:

William Yates, esquire, The Wrekin.

Archer Ernest Baldwin, esquire, M.C., Leominster.

Ronald McMillan Bell, esquire, South Buckinghamshire.

Commander Charles Edward McArthur Donaldson, Roxburgh, Selkirk and Peebles.

Lieutenant-Colonel Wentworth Schofield, T.D., Rochdale.

Stephen James McAdden, esquire, Southend, East.

Captain Henry Briton Kerby, Arundel and Shoreham.

Peter Michael Kirk, esquire, Gravesend.

John Hall, esquire, O.B.E., Wycombe.

Major Duncan McCallum, M.C., Argyll.

Harford Montgomery Hyde, esquire, Belfast, North.

Walter Richard Austen Hudson, esquire, Kingston-upon-Hull, North.

Nigel Thomas Loveridge Fisher, esquire, M.C., Surbiton.

Vice-Admiral John Hughes Hallet, C.B., D.S.O., Croydon, North-East.

Sir Harold Roper, C.B.E., M.C., North Cornwall.

Wing Commander Eric Edward Bullus, Wembley, North.

Captain Frederick Vernon South corfield Gloucestershire.

Captain Arthur Christopher John Soames, Bedford.

John Edward Bernard Hill, esquire, South Norfolk.

Sir David Robertson, Caithess and Sutherland.

Howard Sydney Johnson, esquire, Brighton, Kemptown.

Percy Belgrave Lucas, esquire, D.S.O., D.F.C., Brentford and Chiswick.

Sir William Wavell Wakefield, St. Marylebone.

Wing Commander Norman John Hulbert, Stockport, North.

Sir John Roland Robinson, Blackpool, South.

Horace Maybray King, esquire, Southampton, Itchen.

Fred Blackburn, esquire, Stalybridge and Hyde.

James Eugene MacColl, esquire, Widnes.

William Thomas Wells, esquire, Q.C., Walsall, North.

George Roland Chetwynd, esquire Stockton-on-Tees.

Thomas Christopher Boyd, esquire, Bristol, North-West.

Arthur Montague Frank Plamer, esquire, Cleveland.

Robert Joseph Mellish, esquire, Bermondsey.

Frank Allaun, esquire, Salford, East.

Patrick Bartley, esquire, Chester-le- Street.

Alice Cullen, Glasgow, Gorbals.

William Stones, esquire, Consett.

Joseph Slater, esquire, Sedgefield.

Arthur Seymour Moody, esquire, Gateshead, East.

John William Ainsley, esquire, North-West Durham.

William Winter Hamilton, esquire, West Fife.

John Timmons, esquire, Bothwell.

James Hutchinson Hoy, esquire, Edinburgh, Leith.

Harold Boardman, esquire, Leigh.

Thomas Frederick Hubbard, esquire, Kirkcaldy Burghs.

Sir William Young Darling, C.B.E., M.C., Edinburgh, South.

Henry George McGhee, esquire, Penistone.

Frances Elaine Burton, Coventry, South.

David Griffiths, esquire, Rother Valley.

Gerald Wellington Williams, esquire, Tonbridge.

Colonel Malcolm Stoddart-Scott, O.B.E., T.D., Ripon.

Henry Reginald Spence, esquire, O.B.E., West Aberdeenshire.

Colonel Claude Granville Lancaster, South Fylde.

George Beresford Craddock, esquire, Spelthorne.

John Victor Woollam, esquire, Liverpool, West Derby.

Frederick Frank Arthur Burden, esquire, Gillingham.

Paul Glyn Williams, esquire, Sunderland, South.

Sir Ian Leslie Orr-Ewing, Weston-superMare.

John Henderson, esquire, Glasgow, Cathcart.

Sir Ian Macdonald Horobin, Oldham, East.

Eric Seymour Thewlis Johnson, esquire, M.C., Manchester, Blackley.

Colonel Douglas Glover. T.D., Ormskirk.

Gerald David Nunes Nabarro, esquire, Kidderminster.

Right honourable Arthur Creech Jones, Wakefield.

Frances Joan, Viscountess Davidson, D.B.E., Hemel Hempstead.

John Benedict Eden, esquire, Bournemouth, West.

Henry Channon, esquire, Southend, West.

Harold Edward Gurden, esquire, Birmingham, Selly Oak.

Henry Percivall Pott, esquire, Devizes.

Sir Fergus Frederick Graham, baronet, T.D., Darlington.

Hugh Charles Patrick Joseph Fraser, esquire, M.B.E., commonly called the honourable Hugh Charles Patrick Joseph Fraser, M.B.E., Stafford and Stone.

Harold Julian Amery, esquire, Preston, North.

Thomas George Thomas, esquire, Cardiff, West.

Sir Rhys Hopkin Morris, M.B.E., Q.C., Carmarthen.

Donald William Wade, esquire, Huddersfield, West.

Arthur Frederick Holt, esquire, Bolton, West.

Harold Josiah Finch, esquire, Bedwellty.

Walter Monslow, esquire, Barrow-in-Furness.

Eustace George Willis, esquire, Edinburgh, East.

Frank McLeavy, esquire, Bradford, East.

William Griffiths, esquire, Manchester, Exchange.

Alice Martha Bacon, C.B.E., Leeds, South-East.

George Oscar Sylvester, esquire, Pontefract.

Daniel Granville West, esquire, Pontypool.

Barnett Janner, esquire, Leicester, North-West.

Stanley Stephen Awbery, esquire, Bristol. Central.

Francis Edward Noel-Baker, esquire, Swindon.

David Thomas Jones, esquire, The Hartle-pools.

John Calder Forman, esquire, Glasgow, Springburn.

John Paton, esquire, Norwich, North.

James Carmichael, esquire, Glasgow, Bridgeton.

Barbara Anne Castle, Blackburn.

Walter James Edwards, esquire, Stepney.

Moss Turner-Samuels, esquire, Q.C., Gloucester.

Sir Thomas Cecil Russell Moore, C.B.E., Ayr.

Sir John Denman Barlow, baronet, Middleton and Prestwich.

Harold MacDonald Steward, esquire, Stockport, South.

Sir William Harold Webbe, C.B.E., Cities of London and Westminster.

Lieutenant-Commander Stephen Lynch Conway Maydon, D.S.O., D.S.C., Wells.

John Claude Bidgood, esquire, Bury and Radcliffe.

James Louis Lindsay, esquire, commonly called the honourable James Louis Lindsay, North Devon.

Graeme Bell Finlay, esquire, Epping.

Humphrey Edward Atkins, esquire, Merton and Morden.

John McGovern, esquire, Glasgow, Shettleston.

William Gilmour Leburn, esquire, Kinross and West Perthshire.

Charles Frederick Grey, esquire, Durham.

Douglas Leslie Spencer Nairn, esquire, Central Ayrshire.

William Stephen Ian Whitelaw, esquire, Penrith and the Border.

Christopher John Holland-Martin, esquire, Ludlow.

Sir Sydney Frank Markham, Buckingham.

Edith Maud Pitt, Birmingham, Edgbaston.

John Jacob Astor, esquire, commonly called the honourable John Jacob Astor, Plymouth, Sutton.

Roger Fleetwood Fleetwood-Hesketh, esquire, T.D., Southport.

Sir Arthur Beverley Baxter, Southgate.

Robert Mathew, esquire, Honiton.

Peter Henry Berry Otway Smithers, esquire, Winchester.

Major Richard Christopher Sharples, O.B.E., M.C., Sutton and Cheam.

Major Tufton Victor Hamilton Beamish, M.C., Lewes.

Joan Helen Vickers, M.B.E., Plymouth, Devon port.

Squadron Leader Albert Edward Cooper, M.B.E., Ilford, South.

Albert Roberts, esquire, Normanton.

Goronwy Owen Roberts, esquire, Caernarvon.

Henry White, esquire, North-East Derbyshire.

Eric George Molyneux Fletcher, esquire, Islington, East.

William Smith Duthie, esquire, O.B.E., Banff.

Priscilla Jean Fortescue, Lady Tweedsmuir, Aberdeen, South.

William Arthur Steward, esquire, Woolwich, West.

John Charles Rodgers, esquire, Sevenoaks.

James Idwal Jones, esquire, Wrexham.

Colonel Alan Gomme-Duncan, M.C., Perth and East Perthshire.

Benjamin Theaker Parkin, esquire, Paddington, North.

Evan Roderic Bowen, esquire, Q.C., Cardigan.

Arthur Reginald Probert, esquire, Aberdare.

Cledwyn Hughes, esquire, Anglesey.

Thomas William Jones, esquire, Merioneth.

John Clarke George, esquire, Glasgow, Pollok.

Tudor Elwyn Watkins, esquire, Brecon and Radnor.

Jean Mann, Coatbridge and Airdrie.

Stephen Thomas Swingler, esquire, Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Albert Evans, esquire, Islington, South-West.

William Coldrick, esquire, Bristol, North-East.

William Edwin Wheeldon, esquire, Birmingham, Small Heath.

Roy Mason, esquire, Barnsley.

Julian Ward Snow, esquire, Lichfield and Tamworth.

Angus Edmund Upton Maude, esquire, Ealing, South.

Somerville Hastings, esquire, Barking.

Sir Gordon Cosmo Touche, Dorking.

Konni Zilliacus, esquire, Manchester, Gorton.

Anthony Alfred Harmsworth Marlowe, esquire, Q.C., Hove.

Percy Morris, esquire, Swansea, West.

John Desmond Cronin, esquire, Loughborough.

Basil Edward Nield, esquire, M.B.E., Q.C., City of Chester.

Sir William Jocelyn Ian Fraser, C.B.E., Morecambe and Lonsdale.

Frederic Walter Harris, esquire, Croydon, North-West.

John Granville Morrison, esquire, T.D., Salisbury.

Sir George Ian Clark Hutchison, Edinburgh, West.

Charles Edward Mott-Radclyffe, esquire, Windsor.

Cuthbert James McCall Alport, esquire, T.D., Colchester.

Sir Frederick Messer, C.B.E., Tottenham,

James Clunie, esquire, Dunfermline Burghs.

Sir Alfred Charles Bossom, baronet, Maidstone.

Edward Watson Short, esquire, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Central.

William Thomas Proctor, esquire, Eccles.

Douglas Marshall, esquire, Bodmin.

Brigadier Otho Leslie Prior-Palmer, D.S.O., Worthing.

David Johnstone Pryde, esquire, Midlothian.

Percy Lawrence Wells, esquire, Faversham.

Thomas James Brown, esquire, Ince.

Arthur Moyle, esquire, M.B.E., Oldbury and Halesowen.

Thomas Oswald, esquire, Edinburgh, Central.

Charles Alfred Howell, esquire, Birmingham, Perry Bar.

William Ross, esquire, C.B.E., Kilmarnock.

William Richard Williams, esquire, Manchester, Openshaw.

Victor John Collins, esquire, Shoreditch and Finsbury.

Richard Emanuel Winterbottom, esquire, Sheffield, Brightside.

John Burns Hynd, esquire, Sheffield, Attercliffe.

Simon Mahon, esquire, Bootle.

Malcolm MacPherson, esquire, M.B.E., Stirling and Falkirk Burghs.

Llywelyn Williams, esquire, Abertillery.

Thomas Charles Pannell, esquire, Leeds, West.

David Llewellyn Mort, esquire, Swansea, East.

Right honourable William George Glenvil Hall, Colne Valley.

Reginald Moss, esquire, Meriden.

George Morgan Thomson, esquire, Dundee, East.

Malcolm Kenneth MacMillan, esquire, Western Isles.

Bernard Richard Braine, esquire, South-East Essex.

Lieutenant Robert Alexander Lindsay, commonly called Lieutenant the Lord Balniel, Hertford.

Major Edward Alexander Henry Legge-Bourke, Isle of Ely.

Alexander Victor Edward Paulet Montagu, esquire, commonly called Viscount Hinchingbrooke, South Dorset.

Lieutenant-Colonel Marcus Lipton, O.B.E., Lambeth, Brixton.

Sir Jocelyn Morton Lucas, baronet, M.C., Portsmouth, South.

John Hamilton Mackie, esquire, Galloway.

Charles Ian Orr-Ewing, esquire, O.B.E., Hendon, North.

Captain Lawrence Percy Story Orr, South Down.

Richard Frederick Wood, esquire, commonly called the honourable Richard Frederick Wood, Bridlington.

Major Sir Roger John Edward Conant, baronet, C.V.O.. Rutland and Stamford.

Anthony Fell, esquire, Yarmouth.

Samuel Sydney Silverman, esquire, Nelson and Colne.

Elizabeth Margaret Braddock, Liverpool, Exchange.

Ernest Fernyhough, esquire, Jarrow.

Harold Davies, esquire, Leek.

Morgan Philips Price, esquire, West Gloucestershire.

Edmund McNeil Cooper-Key, esquire, Hastings.

William George Cove, esquire, Aberavon.

Thomas Frederick Peart, esquire, Workington.

Percy Daines, esquire, East Ham, North.

Walter Ernest Padley, esquire, Ogmore.

Henry Alfred Price, esquire, Lewisham, West.

Herbert Raymond Gower, esquire, Barry.

William Morgan Fletcher Vane, esquire, Westmorland.

Hector Samuel James Hughes, esquire, Q.C., Aberdeen, North.

Neil Louden Desmond McLean, esquire, D.S.O., Inverness.

Sidney Dye, esquire, South-West Norfolk.

Alfred Balfour, esquire, West Stirlingshire.

Frank Harold Hayman, esquire, Falmouth and Camborne.

Commander Harry Pursey, Kingston-upon-Hull, East.

Henry Hynd, esquire, Accrington.

George Deer, esquire, O.B.E., Newark.

Emrys Hughes, esquire, South Ayrshire.

John Alec Biggs-Davison, esquire, Chigwell.

Irene Mary Bewick Ward, C.B.E., Tynemouth.

Richard Charles Brooman-White, esquire, Rutherglen.

Joseph Alfred Sparks, esquire, Acton.

Leonard Robert Carr, esquire, Mitcham.

John Wynne William Peyton, esquire, Yeovil.

Airey Middleton Sheffield Neave, esquire, D.S.O., O.B.E., M.C., Abingdon.

Thomas Lascelles Iremonger, esquire, Ilford, North.

Sir John Frederick Ellenborough Crowder, Finchley.

Ian Douglas Harvey, esquire, T.D., Harrow, East.

Norman Alfred Pannell, esquire, Liverpool, Kirkdale.

George Craddock, esquire, Bradford, South.

Arthur James Irvine, esquire, Liverpool, Edge Hill.

Hubert Ashton, esquire, M.C., Chelmsford.

Colonel Cyril Banks, M.B.E., Pudsey.

William Thomas Williams, esquire, Barons Court.

Denis Michael Keegan, esquire, Nottingham, South.

Albert Edward Hunter, esquire, Feltham.

George Edward Cecil Wigg, esquire, Dudley.

John Albert Hay, esquire, Henley.

Godfrey Nicholson, esquire, Farnham.

John Dudley Robert Tarleton Tilney, esquire, T.D., Liverpool, Wavertree.

Sir Henry Victor Alpin MacKinnon Raikes, K.B.E., Liverpool, Garston.

Sir Herbert Walter Butcher, Holland with Boston.

John MacLeod, esquire, Ross and Cromarty.

Leslie Montagu Thomas, esquire, M.B.E., T.D., Canterbury.

Reginald Frederick Brittain Bennett, esquire, Gosport and Fareham.

Samuel Storey, esquire, Stretford.

Joseph Bradshaw Godber, esquire, Grantham.

Charles Frederick Howard Gough, esquire, M.C., T.D., Horsham.

Geoffrey Audus Nicholson Hirst, esquire, T.D., Shipley.

William Johnson Taylor, esquire, C.B.E., Bradford, North.

Arthur Tiley, esquire, Bradford, West.

James Cyril George Dance, esquire, Bromsgrove.

Commander Ronald Scott-Miller, King's Lynn.

Frederick William Farey-Jones, esquire, Watford.

George Lambert, esquire, commonly called the honourable George Lambert, Torrington.

Major Sir Henry Joseph d'Avigdor-Goldsmid, baronet, D.S.O., M.C., T.D., Walsall, South.

Sir George Steven Harvie-Watt, baronet, T.D.. Q.C., Richmond (Surrey).

Peter John Mitchell Thomas, esquire, Conway.

Frederick Petre Crowder, esquire, Ruislip and Northwood.

David Gilbert Logan, esquire, C.B.E., Liverpool, Scotland.

Francis George Bowles, esquire, Nuneaton.

Charles Leslie Hale, esquire, Oldham, West.

James McInnes, esquire, M.B.E., Glasgow, Central.

George Albert Pargiter, esquire, Southall.

John Rankin, esquire, Glasgow, Govan.

Edward Evans, esquire, C.B.E., Lowestoft.

Freda Kunzlen Corbet, Camberwell, Peckham.

Joseph Grimond, esquire, Orkney and Zetland.

Kenneth Robinson, esquire, St. Pancras, North.

Denis Winston Healey, esquire, M.B.E., Leeds, East.

Maurice Orbach, esquire, Willesden, East.

Arthur William John Lewis, esquire, West Ham, North.

Jennie Lee, Cannock.

Sir Leslie Arthur Plummer, Deptford.

Right honourable Aneurin Bevan, Ebbw Vale.

James Harrison, esquire, Nottingham, North.

Joseph Percival William Mallalieu, esquite, Huddersfield, East.

Leslie Maurice Lever, esquire, Manchester, Ardwick.

Percy Lionel Edward Shurmer, esquire, Birmingham, Sparkbrook.

Right honourable Sir Hartley William Shawcross, Q.C., St. Helens.

Sir William Young Darling, C.B.E., M.C., Edinburgh, South.

Colonel Oliver Eyre Crosthwaite-Eyre, New Forest.

Sir Charles Stuart Taylor, Eastbourne.

Aubrey Jones, esquire, Birmingham, Hall Green.

Air Commodore Arthur Vere Harvey, C.B.E., Macclesfield.

Bryant Godman Irvine, esquire, Rye.

Godfrey William Lagden, esquire, Horn-church.

Sir David Callender Campbell, K.B.E., C.M.G., Belfast, South.

Sir Hugh Nicholas Linstead, O.B.E., Wandsworth, Putney.

Captain Alan Green, Preston, South.

William Rupert Rees-Davies, esquire, Isle of Thanet.

Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Henry Colin Hughes-Young, M.C., Wandsworth, Central.

Alan John McKibbin, esquire, O.B.E., Belfast, East.

Paul Elmore Oliver Bryan, D.S.O., M.C., esquire, Howden.

John Charles Jennings, esquire, Burton.

Niall Malcolm Stewart Macpherson, esquire, Dumfries.

Donald McIntosh Johnson, esquire, Carlisle.

Lieutenant Samuel Knox Cunningham, South Antrim.

George Boyle Hanna Currie, esquire, North Down.

John Wilfred Barter, esquire, Ealing, North.

Raymond Llewellyn Mawby, esquire, Totnes.

Major Patrick Henry Bligh Wall, M.C., Haltemprice.

Phelim Robert Hugh O'Neill, esquire, commonly called the honourable Phelim Robert Hugh O'Neill, North Antrim.

Major John Anthony Leavey, Heywood and Royton.

Ellis Smith, esquire, Stoke-on-Trent, South.

Joseph Reeves, esquire, Greenwich.

John Thomas Hall, esquire, Gateshead, West.

Barnett Stross, esquire, Stoke-on-Trent, Central.

George Benson, esquire, Chesterfield.

Harriet Slater, Stoke-on-Trent, North.

George Harold Oliver, esquire, Q.C., Ilkeston.

Ronald Watkins Williams, esquire, Wigan.

Charles William Gibson, esquire, Wandsworth, Clapham.

Right honourable Ness Edwards, Caerphilly.

Austen Harry Albu, esquire, Edmonton.

Clifford Kenyon, esquire, Chorley.

Stephen Owen Davies, esquire, Merthyr Tydfil.

Frank Tomney, esquire, Hammersmith, North.

Frank Anderson, esquire, Whitehaven.

Lena May Jeger, Holborn and St. Pancras, South.

Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn, esquire, commonly called the honourable Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn, Bristol, South-East.

William Thomas Paling, esquire, Dewsbury.

John McKay, esquire, Wallsend.

Robert Edwards, esquire, Bilston.

Right honourable Wilfred Paling, Dearne Valley.

Right honourable John Dugdale, West Bromwich.

Wilfred Fienburgh, esquire, M.B.E., Islington, North.

William Reid, esquire, Glasgow, Provan.

Commander John Francis Whitaker Maitland, Horncastle.

William Robson-Brown, esquire, Esher.

Right honourable Sir Patrick Spens, K.B.E., Q.C., Kensington, South.

Peter Farquharson Remnant, esquire, commonly called the honourable Peter Farquharson Remnant, Wokingham.

Kenneth Pugh Thompson, esquire, Liverpool, Walton.

Sir Peter Drummond Macdonald, K.B.E., Isle of Wight.

Hugh Geoffrey Birch Wilson, esquire, Truro.

John Kenyon Vaughan-Morgan, esquire, Reigate.

John Enoch Powell, esquire, M.B.E., Wolverhampton, South-West.

Edwin Hartley Cameron Leather, esquire, North Somerset.

John Anthony Kershaw, esquire, Stroud.

John Sinclair-Wemyss Arbuthnot, esquire, M.B.E., T.D., Dover.

William Donald Massey Sumner, esquire, Orpington.

Joyce Shore Butler, Wood Green.

Alfred Davies Devonsher Broughton, esquire, Batley and Morley.

Ronald Joseph Ledger, esquire, Romford.

Sydney Irving, esquire, Dartford.

William James Owen, esquire, Morpeth.

George McArthur Lawson, esquire, Motherwell.

Albert Edward Oram, esquire, East Ham, South.

William Noble Warbey, esquire, Ashfield.

Arthur Joseph Champion, esquire, South-East Derbyshire.

David Weitzman, esquire, Q.C., Stoke Newington and Hackney, North.

Henry Charles Usborne, esquire, Birmingham, Yardley.

Denis Herbert Howell, esquire, Birmingham, All Saints.

Robert Fisher Crouch, esquire, North Dorset.

Anthony Perrinot Lysbergh Barber, esquire, Doncaster.

Charles Fletcher-Cooke, esquire, Darwen.

Right honourable Sir Lionel Frederick Heald, Q.C., Chertsey.

Rodney Graham Page, esquire, M.B.E., Crosby.

Robert Chichester-Clark, esquire, Londonderry.

Denzil Kingston Freeth, esquire, Basingstoke.

Florence Patricia Alice McLaughlin, Belfast, West.

Maurice Edelman, esquire, Coventry, North.

Ronald Stanley Russell, esquire, Wembley, South.

Norman John Cole, esquire, South Bedfordshire.

Colin Norman Thornton-Kemsley, esquire, O.B.E., T.D., North Angus and Mearns.

Roger Gresham Cooke, esquire, C.B.E., Twickenham.

Archibald Fenner Brockway, esquire, Eton and Slough.

Emlyn Hugh Garner-Evans, esquire, Denbigh.

David Lockhart-Muir Renton, esquire, T.D., Q.C., Huntingdonshire.

Nigel Nicolson, esquire, M.B.E., Bournemouth, East and Christchurch.

Sir Eric Errington, Aldershot.

Richard Reader Harris, esquire, Heston and Isleworth.

John Grimston, esquire, commonly called the honourable John Grimston, St. Albans.

Percy Holman, esquire, Bethnal Green.

Lieutenant-Colonel John Kyme Cordeaux, C.B.E., Nottingham, Central.

Victor Francis Yates, esquire, Birmingham, Ladywood.

Robert Christmas Dewar Jenkins, esquire, Camberwell, Dulwich.

Major William Francis Martin Maddan, Hitchin.

Richard Frank Body, esquire, Billericay.

Christopher Paget Mayhew, esquire, Woolwich, East.

Arthur Massey Skeffington, esquire, Hayes and Harlington.

David James Williams, esquire, Neath.

John Hugh Hare, esquire, O.B.E., commonly called the honourable John Hugh Hare, O.B.E., Sudbury and Woodbridge.

Cyril Raymond Bence, esquire, East Dunbartonshire.

Norman Noel Dodds, esquire, Erith and Crayford.

Brigadier Terence Hugh Clarke, C.B.E., Portsmouth, West.

John Edgar Harvey, esquire, Waltham-stow, East.

Geoffrey Paul Stevens, esquire, Portsmouth, Langstone.

Julian Errington Ridsdale, esquire, Harwich.

Iorwerth Rhys Thomas, esquire, Rhondda, West.

Antony Claud Frederick Lambton, esquire, commonly called Viscount Lambton, Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Maurice Victor Macmillan, esquire, Halifax.

Brigadier Sir Harry Ripley Mackeson, baronet, Folkestone and Hythe.

Major William Whitehead Hicks-Beach, T.D., Cheltenham.

Patrick Francis Maitland, esquire, commonly called the honourable Patrick Francis Maitland, Lanark.

James Edward Ramsden, esquire, Harrogate.

John Parker, esquire, Dagenham.

Alastair Brian Clarke Harrison, esquire, Maldon.

Julius Silverman, esquire, Birmingham, Aston.

Frederick William Mulley, esquire, Sheffield, Park.

Martin Alexander Lindsay, esquire, C.B.E., D.S.O., Solihull.

Cyril Osborne, esquire, Louth.

Philip Ingress Bell, esquire, T.D., Q.C., Bolton, East.

Peter Anthony Grayson Rawlinson, esquire, Epsom.

Percy Henry Collick, esquire, Birkenhead.

Rolf Dudley Williams, esquire, Exeter.

Derek Colclough Walker-Smith, esquire, T.D., Q.C., Hertford, East.

Aubrey Geoffrey Frederick Rippon, esquire, Norwich, South.

Sir Roland Jennings, Sheffield, Hallam.

Ernest Thornton, esquire, M.B.E., Farnworth.

Richard Fort, esquire, Clitheroe.

Jocelyn Edward Salis Simon, esquire, Q.C., Middlesbrough, West.

David Ernest Campbell Price, esquire, Eastleigh.

Sir Frank Medlicott, C.B.E., Central Norfolk.

Herbert William Butler, esquire, Hackney, Central.

Reginald William Sorensen, esquire, Leyton.

Anthony Richard Hurd, esquire, Newbury.

Captain Richard Oliver Stanley, commonly called Captain the honourable Richard Oliver Stanley, North Fylde.

William Henry Mainwaring, esquire, Rhondda, East.

John Baird, esquire, Wolverhampton, North-East.

George Jeger, esquire, Goole.

Gilbert Richard Mitchison, esquire, C.B.E., Q.C., Kettering.

Stephen Gerald Howard, esquire, Q.C., Cambridgeshire.

Henry Frederic Lawrence Turner, esquire, Oxford.

Roy Harris Jenkins, esquire, Birmingham, Stechford.

Isaac James Pitman, esquire, Bath.

Peter Geoffrey Roberts, esquire, Sheffield, Heeley.

John Melbourne Howard, esquire, Southampton, Test.

William Hannan, esquire, Glasgow, Maryhill.

Wing Commander Robert Grant Grant-Ferris, Nantwich.

William Traven Aitken, esquire, Bury St. Edmunds.

Charles John Addison Doughty, esquire, Q.C., East Surrey.

Thomas O'Brien, esquire, Nottingham, West.

Hugh James Delargy, esquire, Thurrock.

Frank Patrick Bishop, esquire, M.B.E., Harrow, Central.

Major Sir Ernest Guy Richard Lloyd, D.S.O., East Renfrewshire.

Lieutenant-Commander John Markham Baldock, Harborough.

Gilbert James Morley Longden, esquire South-West Hertfordshire.

William Stanley Shepherd, esquire Cheadle.

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