HC Deb 07 July 1955 vol 543 cc1290-1
28. Mr. Dodds

asked the Minister of Labour the circumstances which resulted in his Department calling upon Mr. G. J. Conquest to report for service in the Army consequent upon his discharge by the Royal Air Force, details of which have been supplied.

Sir W. Monckton

Mr. Conquest was medically examined on 6th May, 1954, and placed in Grade I. He volunteered for a Regular engagement in the Royal Air Force but was not accepted. He was re-examined on 23rd June, 1954, by a different National Service medical board, placed in Grade I and posted to the Royal Artillery.

Mr. Dodds

Does the right hon. and learned Gentleman appreciate that this young man, having been graded by his Department Grade I, and the only proviso for the Royal Air Force being the question of his physical fitness, was rejected on the grounds that he was medically unfit? Having lost his job and been unemployed, this man found another job and was then called up again and found to be Grade I. I have here the papers from the Royal Air Force, according to which he is rejected solely as being unfit.

Sir W. Monckton

The distinction should always be borne in mind that there may be people who are properly passed fit for National Service standards, but who may not be accepted when they offer themselves for a regular engagement in the Royal Air Force. One reason for that, as anyone with experience of flying will appreciate, is that if a person has any disposition to sinus trouble, he is not likely to be accepted in a Service where he may be flying for considerable periods.

31. Mr. Dodds

asked the Minister of Labour if he will cancel his instructions to Malcolm Harris to report to the Royal Air Force on Monday next in connection with National Service so that a thorough investigation can be held into his case, because he is suffering from a spinal injury requiring his attendance at the local hospital three times a week for treatment, needs to wear a corset with steel supports, has been measured for another corset, is often in pain, and because his condition requires that he sleeps on a board bed.

Sir W. Monckton

Mr. Malcolm Harris was medically examined on 28th February, 1955, and after reference to an orthopaedic consultant was placed in Grade III. His medical records do not reveal any evidence that he wore a spinal support at the time of medical examination, but the medical board was aware that he was undergoing treatment. In all the circumstances, I am arranging for this man to be re-examined by a different medical board and the enlistment notice requiring him to report for service on 11th July has been withdrawn.