HC Deb 16 February 1955 vol 537 cc363-4
14. Mr. J. Johnson

asked the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation whether he is aware of the concern felt by motorists regarding the present practice of laying deep kerbstones along the sides of arterial roads especially where such roads are wide enough only for two lanes of traffic; and what action he proposes in this matter.

Mr. Boyd-Carpenter

Yes, Sir. I am proposing to amend the general advice about kerbs as at present set out in Memorandum 575 of October, 1943, and Memorandum 653 of August, 1950.

Mr. Johnson

While thanking the Minister for that answer, may I ask him to bear in mind the dangerous nature of these high kerbstones, particularly to motor cyclists? Would he advise county councils to institute more sloping kerbstones than are being used?

Mr. Boyd-Carpenter

The purpose of the Memoranda to which I referred was to advise county councils. The circular will have the same purpose.

Mr. Stokes

What the motorist wants is a kerb that he can get over. Is that idea embodied in the instruction?

Mr. Boyd-Carpenter

The fact that a motorist wants to get over the kerb has a rather different effect on one's mind according to which side of the kerb one is. The needs of motorists are very relevant in this respect. A high, vertical kerb does add to danger on the roads.

Viscount Hinchingbrooke

Is it not an additional irritation to observe these kerbs going down, at considerable expense, on roads which we know are to be widened before long? Will my right hon. Friend look into this point?

Mr. Boyd-Carpenter

Sometimes these kerbs are required for engineering reasons, as the road would collapse if we did not have them.