HC Deb 21 December 1955 vol 547 c2016
39. Sir T. Moore

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Air whether, in view of their unusual technical performance, he will consider extending the use of the Prestwick Pioneer and Twin Pioneer aircraft by the Royal Air Force.

The Under-Secretary of State for Air (Mr. George Ward) rose

Mr. Swingler

On a point of order. Is this the Under-Secretary of State for Air?

Mr. Speaker

It does not matter to me: I know nothing about these things. One member of the Government is entitled to answer for another. Certainly, to my recollection, the hon. Gentleman was Under-Secretary of State for Air when the Question was put down.

Mr. Ward

Mr. Speaker, I have been asked to reply.

I cannot at present add to the reply I gave my hon. Friend on 5th December.

Sir T. Moore

As these Scottish machines demonstrated their quite unusual capacity at Farnborough this year, as was vouched for by the former Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, does not my hon. Friend think that there is a wider scope for their use throughout his former Department?

Mr. Ward

This aircraft has been of particular value in Malaya, because of its short take-off and landing run. We have learned a lot from operating it there, and we appreciate the excellence of its performance, but I cannot promise that we shall be able to extend its use to other theatres.