HC Deb 19 December 1955 vol 547 c1805

Considered in Committee under Standing Order No. 84 (Money Committees).—

[Queen's Recommendation signified.]

[Sir CHARLES MACANDREW in the Chair]

Resolved, That, for the purposes of any Act of the present Session to make new arrangements as to the administration of criminal justice in Lancashire and matters connected therewith, and to amend the law of England and Wales as to recorders and courts of quarter sessions in boroughs and as to other matters (hereinafter referred to as "the new Act"), it is expedient to authorise—

  1. (a) any increase attributable to any such new arrangements as aforesaid in the sums payable out of moneys provided by Parliament on account—
    1. (i) of salaries and of pensions and other benefits under the Supreme Court of Judicature (Consolidation) Act, 1925, and the Administration of Justice (Pensions) Act, 1950; or
    2. (ii) of other expenses on account at courts of law in Lancashire, being either expenses ordinarily so payable on account of assize courts or corresponding expenses on account of courts set up by the new Act to take the place of assize courts, but including expenses incurred on or in connection with the provision of office accommodation for the use of the clerk of assize or other officers of the courts;
  2. (b) the payment out of the Consolidated Fund of salaries at a rate not exceeding four thousand pounds a year to the recorders of Liverpool and Manchester while acting as judges of any courts set up as aforesaid, and of any pension or other benefit made payable by the new Act on the retirement or death of any such recorder in respect of his service as such a judge;
  3. (c) the payment into the Exchequer of any contribution required by the new Act to be made by the city council of Liverpool or of Manchester to the expenses authorised by the foregoing paragraphs to be paid out of moneys provided by Parliament or out of the Consolidated Fund;
  4. (d) any increase in the sums payable out of moneys provided by Parliament by way of Exchequer equalisation grant under Part I of the Local Government Act, 1948, or under the Local Government (Financial Provisions) (Scotland) Act, 1954, being an increase attributable—
    1. (i) to any such new arrangements as aforesaid; or
    2. (ii) to amendments of the law of England and Wales as to courts of quarter sessions and magistrates' courts and matters connected with those courts.—[The Attorney-General.]

Resolution to be reported Tomorrow.