HC Deb 10 November 1954 vol 532 cc1173-4
5. Mr. E.L. Mallalieu

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Air to give an estimate of the extra expense involved in using a north-south runway at Scampton Aerodrome, Lincolnshire, instead of obliterating a portion of Ermine Street to make a north-east—south-west runway.

Mr. Ward

About £50,000; but the north-south runway cannot be extended for reasons other than cost.

Mr. Mallalieu

Can the hon. Gentleman Assure the House that it is not owing to tenderness for the married quarters at Scampton Aerodrome that he is consenting to this vandalism with regard to Ermine Street?

Mr. Ward

I can give that assurance absolutely. As regards extending the north-south runway, there are very many other reasons, apart from the married quarters, why we cannot extend it. It is 40 degrees out of the prevailing wind, and aircraft would have to land and take off over Lincoln, and, quite apart from the unpleasant effects of this on the people on the ground, the Cathedral Tower would form a hazard to aircraft.

Captain Pilkington

Cannot my hon. Friend reconsider this matter, because these ancient roads will be of interest to future generations? Surely the Department could refrain from spoiling a portion of one of them?

Mr. Ward

We have looked into this matter extremely carefully. I, personally, have received representatives of the county and of the city and have been right through the matter with them. I can assure my hon. and gallant Friend that if we could have avoided cutting through Ermine Street we would certainly have done so. I very much regret the necessity of having to do so.