HC Deb 20 May 1954 vol 527 cc2273-4
21. Colonel Stoddart-Scott

asked the Minister of Health the salary paid by the Leeds Regional Hospital Board to the catering manager at the Queen's Hotel, Harrogate; how many applications were received; when the appointment was made; at what salary the job was advertised; and whether the present holder was one of the original applicants.

Mr. Iain Macleod

There is a joint appointment of manager and manageress for the whole of the establishment at the Queen's Hotel, their salaries being respectively £625 and £470 a year. The appointment was originally advised with a joint salary of £1,050, and applications from 28 couples were received. It was, however, re-advertised at the rates I have mentioned when the board decided that the manageress should also act as warden of the preliminary training school. An additional 15 applications were then received, including that of the present holders of the appointment, who were appointed in January, 1954.

22. Colonel Stoddart-Scott

asked the Minister of Health how much of the 16,698 square yards of gardens at the Leeds Regional Board Headquarters at the Queen's Hotel, Harrogate, is subject to planning approval; and how much was paid in wages to the three gardeners in 1953.

Mr. Iain Macleod

I am informed that the local planning authority has agreed to the present use of the premises on condition that the board maintains the external appearance of the hotel and garden substantially in the condition in which they were in November, 1950; and that £1,132 was paid to the gardener and his two labourer assistants in 1953.

Colonel Stoddart-Scott

Why is it that only a small portion of this garden, which is seen by the public, has £1,300 spent on it every year, when a large part of the garden at the back, which is never seen, is kept up in the same way, and no planning authority has been given for the back part of the garden to be kept up? After all, this House votes money for the care and treatment of patients and not for the upkeep of hospital board gardens?

Mr. Macleod

As I understand the position, it was a condition of the agreement with the local authorities that the gardens should be kept up to a very good standard. I do not think any particular part of them was referred to.

Mr. Blenkinsop

Can the Minister say what the total cost to his Department must be, by now, of all the Questions by his hon. Friend about the premises of the regional board.