HC Deb 06 May 1954 vol 527 c565
28 Sir T. Moore

asked the Minister of Labour what steps he is taking to overcome the redundancy and short working time now being experienced in the foundries of Ayr.

Sir W. Monckton

A fall in demand for marine castings has resulted in some redundancies and short-time working in two foundries in Ayr. Since last October, 26 men have become redundant but only two of them are now registered as unemployed. Twenty-four men are at present on short-time. Some fluctuations in demand affecting employment in the foundries are unavoidable, but I shall continue to watch the position.

Sir T. Moore

While fully agreeing with my right hon. and learned Friend on the steps he is taking, may I ask whether he will bear in mind that this redundancy, or even the start of it, causes great anxiety to very highly-skilled workers? Will he constantly do what he can to overcome it?

Sir W. Monckton

indicated assent.

Mr. Pannell

In supporting the hon. Member for Ayr (Sir T. Moore), may I ask whether the Minister will bear in mind that his hon. Friend's fears are occasioned by the time between the wars, when there were only two foundries working in the whole of Scotland?