HC Deb 11 November 1953 vol 520 cc917-8
1. Sir T. Moore

asked the Assistant Postmaster-General if he is aware of the congestion produced in Lower Wimpole Street by Post Office vans which take up travelling space on both sides of the thoroughfare; and if he will take steps to lessen it in the interests of the travelling public.

The Assistant Postmaster-General (Mr. David Gammans)

Yes. I am aware of it and we do our very best to minimise the inconvenience. The real trouble is that, owing to the shift of business from the City to the West End, this office is being asked to cope with much more traffic than when it was built. The only solution is a new office with access to the Post Office railway, and plans for this are being pushed ahead as quickly as possible.

Sir T. Moore

While not quite agreeing with my hon. Friend, may I ask him whether, if it is absolutely essential to have Post Office vans parked on either side of the street, some arrangement could not be made with the police so that private cars are prohibited from parking at the same time, as this makes passage through the street quite impossible?

Mr. Gammans

The parking of cars is primarily the responsibility of the police, but I admit that the problem is there and, as I have told my hon. Friend, I hope that we can make a start on a permanent solution to it before too long.

Mr. McGovern

Is Wimpole Street in Ayr Burghs, Mr. Speaker?

Sir J. Crowder

Will my hon. Friend bear in mind also the tremendous congestion of vans and motor-cycles belonging to the Post Office in Francis Street, by the Army and Navy Stores? It is getting worse and worse every day.

Mr. Gammans

Yes, Sir. I am afraid that is equally true, and for the same reason—the tremendous shift of business from the City to the West End.

Sir T. Moore

I note, Mr. Speaker, that you are not taking any notice of the interjection by the Hon. Member for Shettleston (Mr. McGovern) and therefore I need not answer it.

18. Mr. E. Johnson

asked the Assistant Postmaster-General if he will take action to prevent Post Office vans waiting in the middle of streets and thus stopping traffic.

Mr. Gammans

Post Office vans conform to the same traffic regulations as any other road users. If, however, my hon. Friend will let me have details of any particular case which has come to his notice, I shall be glad to look into it.

Mr. Johnson

While assuring my hon. Friend that I can give him such particulars, may I ask if he will consider issuing a general instruction telling the drivers of vans not to do this, as I think that might meet the case?

Mr. Gammans

The instructions are pretty general. I think it would be much better if my hon. Friend would let me have particulars of any case he has in mind so that I can look into it.

Mr. W. R. Williams

Will the Minister make sure that in moving these Post Office vans it will not be to the Right, the same as the hon. Member?