HC Deb 04 November 1953 vol 520 cc290-1

Select Committee appointed to inquire into and report upon—

  1. (a) the arrangements made in regard to the allocation of accommodation in this House, the authorities by whom that accommodation is allocated, and the use at present made thereof:
  2. 291
  3. (b) the amenities necessary to enable Members to carry out efficiently the services required of them;
  4. (c) the desirability of appointing a Sessional Committee to review and report from time to time on the findings and recommendations which may be made by the Select Committee; and
  5. (d) the methods of appointment of the staff at all levels in the employment of this House:

Mr. Bing, Mr. Henry Brooke, Mr. Daines, Viscountess Davidson, Mr. Grimond, Sir Edward Keeling, Miss Jennie Lee, Mr. McCorquodale, Mr. McLeavy, Mr. Niall Macpherson, Mr. Charles Pannell, Mr. Henry Price, Mr. Stokes and Sir Herbert Williams:

Minutes of Evidence taken before the Select Committee on House of Commons Accommodation, &c, in the last Session of Parliament referred to the Committee:

Power to send for persons, papers and records; and to report to the House from time to time:

Five to be the Quorum.—[Sir C. Drewe.]