HC Deb 21 May 1953 vol 515 cc2260-2
Mr. Attlee

May I ask the Lord Privy Seal to state the business for the first week after the Recess?

The Lord Privy Seal (Mr. Harry Crookshank)

The business for the first week after the Whitsun Recess will be as follows:

TUESDAY, 9TH JUNE—Committee stage: Rhodesia and Nyasaland Federation Bill.

We hope that it will be agreeable to the House to take the remaining stages also.


THURSDAY, 11TH JUNE—Committee stage: Finance Bill.

FRIDAY, 12TH JUNE—Private Members' Bills.

Mr. Attlee

With regard to Tuesday's business, the right hon. Gentleman will realise that, although we have had a number of discussions on this subject, they have all been based on the general principle. There are a number of Amendments, I think, already on the Paper, raising matters of very great principle, and I do not think the right hon Gentleman can hold out any hope of getting all the stages in one day, even if we get a good many of the Committee points dealt with. There are a good many important issues raised, quite apart from the general principle.

Mr. Crookshank

I was only expressing a hope, and I thought that the right hon. Gentleman might, perhaps, tell me how far he thought it would be reasonable to go. He will recollect that there will be another debate later when the Order in Council comes before the House, but we had better wait and see the content and consider the Amendments and then perhaps we shall know better when we come back.

Mr. J. Griffiths

Will the right hon. Gentleman bear in mind that the only stage remaining after this Bill will be the Order in Council, which can only be discussed on an affirmative Resolution? This would be the only occasion for the House to consider the details, and that is why it is important to have adequate time.

Mr. Crookshank

I quite appreciate that. I was only wondering what, in the opinion of hon. Gentlemen opposite, would be adequate time in view of the fact that there will have to be another debate afterwards and that there have already been six on the subject this Session.

Mr. P. Morris

Will the right hon. Gentleman provide an early day for the discussion of the Report of the Council for Wales which I understand will be made available immediately after the Coronation? It is rather late to debate the matter, although it is very much overdue.

Mr. Crookshank

I really cannot give a date until I have seen the Report and its contents, but perhaps that can be discussed through the usual channels.

Mr. Simon

May I refer my right hon. Friend to a Motion standing on the Order Paper in the names of many of my hon. Friends and myself relating to the conduct of an hon. Member in debate?

[That this House deplores the conduct of the honourable Member for Cardiff, South-East, during the course of debate on 22nd April, 1953 (HANSARD, Column 1215), in quoting words from a pamphlet and representing that they expressed the views of Mr. Gibson Jarvie, whereas the immediate context of the quoted passage showed clearly that Mr. Gibson Jarvie was, in fact, reprobating such views; regrets that the honourable Member has failed to withdraw his imputation, although invited to do so; and considers that his conduct constitutes an abuse of Parliamentary privilege and is contrary to the accepted traditions of fair and responsible debate in this House.]

Without wishing in any way to enter into the merits of the question, many of my hon. Friends and myself are unwilling, if there is no opportunity of an early debate, that the Motion should remain on the Order Paper, particularly for the coming season. Therefore, will my right hon. Friend say what are the prospects for an early debate?

Mr. Callaghan

Before the Lord Privy Seal replies, might I ask him whether he is aware that the hon. Gentleman has at last turned up in order to ask for time to discuss the matter? May I reinforce his plea that there should be time given at a very early date? The Motion should not just disappear from the Order Paper by the withdrawal of the names?

Mr. Crookshank

In reply to the question which I was asked, I see no opportunity to give time in the early future. I am afraid that the answer is still "No."

Mr. Simmons

When may we expect to have time to discuss the White Paper on the Ministry of Pensions, Proposed Transfer of Functions? Are we to have an opportunity to amend the White Paper?

Mr. Crookshank

These matters are much better discussed through the usual channels. Of course, there will have to be a debate on the subject of the transfer as it comes up in the form of an Address.