HC Deb 31 March 1953 vol 513 cc1045-6
Mr. Lewis

I should like to thank you, Mr. Speaker, for granting me the opportunity of making a correction in connection with a Parliamentary Question to which the Treasury gave me an answer on Friday last, 27th March. I asked whether the Chancellor of the Exchequer

could give the net and gross incomes that would be necessary for a Member of Parliament today to receive the same purchasing value in his salary as a Member of Parliament received in 1911.

The answer, in columns 119 and 120 of HANSARD, states that in 1911–12 a Member of Parliament received a net income of £391 and that it would be necessary for a Member today to receive a net income of £1,408 to be on a par with the Member in 1911. Correspondingly, the gross income was given to me as a figure of £1,229. Obviously, this figure could not have been correct, and I have now been notified by the Treasury that inadvertently, through a typist's error, that figure of £1,229 should be £1,829.*