HC Deb 24 July 1953 vol 518 cc842-3

Considered in Committee under Standing Order No. 84 (Money Committees) [Queen's Recommendation signified.]

[Sir CHARLES MACANDREW in the Chair]

Resolved: That, for the purposes of any Act of the present Session to provide for the authorisation of measures for the control of traffic, at places where children cross roads on their way to or from school, by persons other than police constables, it is expedient to authorise the following payments out of moneys provided by Parliament, that is to say—

  1. (a) in respect of expenditure which is incurred by a county council, the council of a county borough or the town council of a large burgh, or the Common Council of the City of London, for the purposes of arrangements made under the said Act by the council, or which is directed in accordance with the said Act to be paid out of the metropolitan police fund for the purposes of arrangements made under the said Act by the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, the payment of such sums, not exceeding one half of the expenditure, as the Secretary of State may with the consent of the Treasury direct, subject to such conditions as be may with the like consent determine;
  2. 843
  3. (b) the payment of administrative expenses incurred by the Secretary of State for the purposes of the said Act;
  4. (c) the payment of any increase in the Exchequer Equalisation Grant payable under Part I or Part II of the Local Government Act, 1948, which is attributable to provisions of the said Act.—[Sir H. Lucas-Tooth.]

Resolution to be reported upon Monday next.