HC Deb 10 December 1953 vol 521 cc2172-3
47. Mr. Morley

asked the Minister of Labour when he proposes to amend Statutory Instrument No. 1376, so that it can be used by professional organisations.

Sir W. Monckton

I am unable to say when such an amendment might be made, but I am keeping the question under review.

Mr. Morley

Does not the right hon. and learned Gentleman recall that he promised to consider an amendment to this Instrument over a year ago? Would he be kind enough to say what has prevented him from making it?

Sir W. Monckton

I say, quite frankly, that this is a matter in which the difficulties which I have had to meet were much greater than I had, I hope, reason to anticipate at the beginning. I do not want to detail them because it would make my task more difficult in overcoming them, but they do include two difficulties. The first is the doubt whether all those who would be included in such an amendment as this would have cases suitable for this particular tribunal, and the second is my doubt whether the National Joint Advisory Council would now support the type of amendment which the hon. Gentleman has in view.

Sir H. Williams

Can my right hon. and learned Friendsay in what year this was published, as these Orders have to be identified by year and not only by number?

Sir W. Monckton


Mr. Isaacs

The Minister mentioned the National Joint Advisory Council as being the body most valuable on all industrial matters, but as on this question the organisations involved were not associated in any way with N.J.A.C.—the local authorities, teachers' organisations, and so on—will he bear in mind that there should be the necessary consultations on that side?

Sir W. Monckton

I have been keeping in touch with these bodies and I have mentioned the National Joint Advisory Council not only for the reason which the right hon. Gentleman gave, which is important to my work, but because I have reason to doubt whether, for the moment, they are persuaded that there ought to be such an amendment.

Mr. G. Thomas

Has the right hon. and learned Gentleman considered the question of applying the Order to certain professional organisations but not to all, because the teaching profession is very anxious to have the powers of this Order.

Sir W. Monckton

I certainly have considered that.