HC Deb 20 May 1952 vol 501 cc236-7
1. Mr. Lewis

asked the Miinster of Pensions how many recipients there were of 100 per cent. war disability pensions at the latest convenient stated date; the numbers in each of the other graded disability groups; and what the pension rate is for each grade of disability.

The Minister of Pensions (Mr. Heathcoat Amory)

As the reply is rather long and contains a number of figures, I will, with permission, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Mr. Lewis

Can the Minister say whether there has been a general increase since 1945 in the total number of recipients and what the percentage of increase is, or whether there has been a decrease in the number of pensioners in the various categories?

Mr. Amory

That is a difficult question. I am not clear whether the hon. Gentleman is referring to the aggregate total, which rose steadily for some years after the war and reached its peak. Now, I am glad to say, it is dropping steadily. I could not, without notice, give the hon. Gentleman figures for any particular assessment.

Mr. J. T. Price

When the Minister circulates this information in the OFFICIAL REPORT, would he be kind enough to indicate the number of 100 per cent. disabled men who are receiving supplementary grants in addition to the grant laid down in the Royal Warrant?

Mr. Amory

I gave, in answer to a question quite recently, the total number of those who are in receipt of one or other of the main supplementary grants and the lesser supplementary grants. There are a certain number of pensioners, in receipt of 100 per cent. assessment, who are not in receipt of one or other of the supplements because they are in work and their level of earnings is up to their pre-disablement level.

Mr. Lewis

The Minister did say there had been a decrease. Do I understand him aright that that applies to men in receipt of 100 per cent. disability pensions?

Mr. Amory

I am afraid I could not give information for any particular category without notice, but if the hon. Gentleman will put down a Question I will endeavour to answer it.

Following is the reply: The estimated number of recipients of disablement pensions from my Department on 31st March. 1952, in respect of each degree of disablement, and the basic pension rate for each, are as follows:
Degree of disablement Number Basic pension rate*
Per cent: s. d.
100 49,950 55 0
90 3,800 49 6
80 22,000 44 0
70 27,300 38 6
60 40,450 33 0
50 60,500 27 6
40 76,950 22 0
30 142,000 16 6
20 233,400 11 0

It is estimated that, in addition, some 30,500 were receiving other pensions and allowances, mainly allowances for disablement assessed at less than 20 per cent., making a total of 686,850.

* The figures quoted are for an ex-private; for higher ranks there are higher rates which are set out in Tables in the First and Second Schedules of the Royal Warrant of 26th April. 1952. Cmd 8533)

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