HC Deb 18 June 1952 vol 502 c1516

Amendments made: In page 124, line 22, after "commenced," insert "on or."

In page 127, line 41, after" made," insert: under paragraph (c) of the proviso to subparagraph (6) of this paragraph or.

In page 128, line 37, after "where," insert: the condition specified in the proviso to subsection (5) of section thirty-six of this Act would be fulfilled, as respects the trades or businesses of all the members of the group, if they were one trade or business of one body corporate and the principal member so elects, or where.

In page 129, line 48, leave out "referred to in paragraph 8,"and insert: determined under sub-paragraph (1) of paragraph 9.

In page 131, line 25, after first "of," insert "such."

In line 25, leave out from "deposits," to "the," in line 28, and insert: as is mentioned in section fifty-two of this Act."—[Mr. Boyd-Carpenter.]