HC Deb 31 July 1952 vol 504 cc1690-2
Mr. Attlee

May I ask the Leader of the House the business of the House for the first week after the Summer Recess?

The Lord Privy Seal (Mr. Harry Crookshank)

Yes, Sir. The business for the first week after the Summer Recess will be as follows:

TUESDAY, 14TH OCTOBER—Report stage:

Licensed Premises in New Towns Bill.


Licensed Premises in New Towns Bill, until 7 o'clock.

Committee stage:

Housing (Scotland) Bill.

THURSDAY, 16TH OCTOBER—Conclusion of Committee stage:

Housing (Scotland) Bill.

Second Reading:

Irish Sailors and Soldiers Land Trust Bill [Lords].

Committee and remaining stages: Insurance Contracts (War Settlement) Bill [Lords].

FRIDAY, 17TH OCTOBER — Second Reading:

Visiting Forces Bill [Lords].

Agriculture (Poisonous Substances) Bill [Lords].

Committee stage of the necessary Money Resolutions.

Mr. Attlee

May I ask the right hon. Gentleman whether, when we come back, we shall have a day for discussion of the nationalised industries and also of the White Paper on iron and steel?

Mr. Crookshank

Yes, Sir. The Government are prepared to allocate the three days I promised for the autumn for debates on the nationalised boards and I hope that we can arrange the iron and steel debate also.

Mr. Bing

Would the right hon. Gentleman not think it more appropriate to arrange that before the House discusses the Report stage of the Licensed Premises in New Towns Bill the House should have an opportunity of considering the position of those hon. Members who are directors of firms which are directly concerned in the matter at issue and who so far have felt themselves in a position to vote on the matter both in the House and in Committee?

Mr. Crookshank

The House has its own methods of dealing with these subjects if it so requires.

Mr. Bing

If a Motion were put down, would the right hon. Gentleman give it priority over the Report stage for discussion?

Mr. Crookshank

I have already said that the allotted day will be the day on which we meet.

Miss Ward

Can my right hon. Friend say how the committee which is sitting to discuss how we can put Questions to Ministers on the nationalised industries is getting on? I am getting a little tired of this matter.

Mr. Crookshank

Until the committee report I am in exactly the same position as the hon. Lady.

Mr. H. Morrison

Will the right hon. Gentleman state whether this impending event—

Mr. Crookshank

What event?

Mr. Morrison

The report of the committee—is likely to have any effect on the flat refusal of the Prime Minister to be accountable in Parliament for his appointments to the British Broadcasting Corporation?

Mr. Logan

Can the Leader of the House say when the Government will bring forward an amending Bill to deal with the voluntary schools, as promised by the Minister of Education?

Mr. Crookshank

I know that is very much in the mind of my right hon. Friend, but it will not come forward in the week when we come back.

Major Beamish

As there has not been a full opportunity for a debate on housing for a good many months, can my right hon. Friend say whether he will provide an opportunity for the party opposite to call attention to the astonishing progress which has been made?

Mr. Mellish

The Leader of the House has already said that he is aware that there is a great deal of interest in the denominational school problem. Is he also aware that others who are interested will regard the Conservative Party as putting the brewers first?