HC Deb 16 July 1952 vol 503 cc2142-3
31. Mr. T. Reid

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies what percentage of the land owned by white settlers in the Kenya highlands which is suitable for pasturage or crops is not used by the owners for agricultural purposes.

Mr. Lyttelton

None, Sir. All the land suitable for cultivation which is not under crops is used for grazing.

Mr. Dugdale

Will the right hon. Gentleman at the same time give us the figures of the acreage owned by each settler and the acreage owned by each African family in Kenya?

Mr. Lyttelton

That seems to be rather statistical. I can give the global figure, but not the details without notice.

Mr. Fenner Brockway

Would the right hon. Gentleman circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT the very detailed figures which he has given to me in this matter before the subject is debated tomorrow?

Mr. Lyttelton

I will certainly circulate any figures I can which I think might be of help. I am not quite sure how much detail that covers, but perhaps the hon. Gentleman will have a word with me about it outside.

Following are the figures:

Area unallocated 207,987
(a) Cultivable limited to grazing by topographical or climatic conditions 140,826
(b) Arable 7,497
(c) Remainder—Useless:
escarpments, volcanic craters, unusable land on farms 43,104
Earmarked for public purposes:—
Aerodromes, catchment areas, township expansions, quarries, etc. 5,357
(d) To be added to Forest Reserves 3,547
(e) To be added to Native Reserves 7,656

The total area of land alienated to Europeans in the Kenya Highland is 7,372,880 acres.

Of this 5 per cent. is uncultivable 368,644 acres.

The cultivable balance is therefore 7,004,236 acres, utilised as follows:—

Under Crops 1,002,871
Grazing 6,001,365