HC Deb 01 July 1952 vol 503 cc240-1
42. Sir T. Moore

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will set up an inquiry into the present condition of prefabricated aluminium houses with a view to ascertaining how the dampness has arisen, and what steps should be taken to rectify it.

Mr. J. Stuart

An inquiry has already been made by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research and I am sending to the hon. and gallant Member a copy of the circular issued to local authorities telling them of the remedial measures recommended.

Sir T. Moore

I know about that, but is my right hon. Friend not aware that about 25 per cent. of these houses have proved unsuitable to the rigours of our Scottish climate; that apparently no device has yet been found to cure that and make them windproof and rainproof: and that despite what my right hon. Friend suggests, I do not believe he has really got the answer yet?

Mr. Woodburn

Is the Secretary of State aware that his hon. and gallant Friend's supplementary question refers to a few houses in Ayr; that there are tens of thousands of these houses throughout the country which are giving satisfaction to their tenants; and that it is purely a technical matter to put these few houses right? The hon. and gallant Gentleman ought not to slander a very fine house by that general question.

Mr. Stuart

Out of 12,000 houses, 1,500 are being treated. A report will be furnished as to the effect on these. It is very much to be regretted that this condensation does take place, but I trust that this treatment will cure the difficulty.

Mr. Manuel

Is the right hon. Gentleman prepared to set up a committee of inquiry into the dilapidation and dampness of half a million homes in Scotland that have had no repairs carried out on them for the past 20 years?

Mr. Stuart

That is rather a different question.

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