HC Deb 19 February 1952 vol 496 cc45-6

Resolution reported: That, for the purposes of any Act of the present Session to make further provision as to the sums payable by way of salary, pension or allowances in respect of certain judicial offices, it is expedient to authorise any charge on public funds which may be directly or indirectly attributable—

  1. (a) to the Act providing, as from any date not earlier than the beginning of July, nineteen hundred and fifty-one, for the salaries of the judges and magistrates mentioned in the Table set out below to be increased to the annual amounts there shown;
  2. (b) to the Act enabling the salaries of stipendiary magistrates outside London to 46 be increased retrospectively as from any such date, and making provision as to the maximum salary where there has been a retrospective increase in the salary of a metropolitan magistrate;
  3. (c) to the Act providing for the payment (out of moneys provided by Parliament or out of the Consolidated Fund) of circuit allowances to the Lords Commissioners of Justiciary in Scotland and to the Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland, and of travelling allowances to sheriffs-substitute in Scotland;
  4. (d) to the Act providing that in the case of a judge of the Supreme Court, of the Court of Session, or of the Supreme Court of Northern Ireland, previous service as Lord of Appeal in Ordinary may be treated for pension purposes as if it were service as such a judge.

The Table above referred to

Judge or Magistrate Increased salary
Judge of the High Court of Justice in Northern Ireland (except the Lord Chief Justice) £3,500
County court Judge £2,800
Chief metropolitan magistrate £2,800
Other metropolitan magistrates £2,500

Resolution agreed to.