HC Deb 04 December 1952 vol 508 cc1762-3

To encourage men to seek temporary release from the industry to obtain other employment, the national Board has decided to introduce the following scheme.

In order to ensure that an adequate and balanced labour force is retained, the national Board will determine the number of men who may be released in each port area

1. Conditions of Release With the approval of the local board, a daily worker on the main register may be granted immediate temporary release on the following conditions:—

  1. (a) His name will be entered on the Dormant Section of the Workers' Register.
  2. (b) if his services are required by the local board during 1953, he will be given the opportunity of returning forthwith to the Live Register.
  3. (c) If he elects to remain in alternative employment during 1953, he will retain his position on the Dormant Register.
  4. (d) He may be recalled by the local board at any time during 1954. If he fails to return to the dock industry within six weeks after his recall, his name will be removed from the Register. The local board may extend this period in exceptional circumstances.
  5. (e) If he is still on the Dormant Register on 1st January, 1955, he will, on application, be reinstated forthwith in the Live Register. If he fails to make application before the 12th February, 1955, his name will be removed from the register permanently and he will forfeit all rights of reinstatement.
  6. (f) A man released under this scheme who decides to leave the industry at any time before 1st January, 1955, is expected to notify the Board at the time.

2. Unemployment Benefit and National Assistance Any man who takes advantage of this temporary release scheme, or who decides to leave the industry permanently, will be eligible—after the normal qualifying period of three days—for Unemployment Benefit and, in addition, to National Assistance if in need.

3. Holidays A man granted temporary release will be paid holiday pay due to him. NOTE.—Any other information relating to this scheme may be obtained from the Board's local manager.