HC Deb 07 April 1952 vol 498 cc2282-3
49. Mr. Thomas Reid

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs what Governments are contributing to the proposed fund in aid of Arab refugees.

Mr. Eden

Over 30 Governments have made or offered contributions, amounting in all to 67 million dollars towards the total required for the first year of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency's 250 million dollar three-year programme. Her Majesty's Government, in offering the equivalent of 12.4 million dollars, are the second largest contributors. Since the list is a long one. I will, with the hon. Gentleman's permission, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Mr. Reid

Can the right hon. Gentleman say whether all the States that voted for the partition of Palestine contributed to this fund or promised to do so?

Mr. Eden

I could not say without notice. There is a very long list—I should say of about 20 States or more.

Colonel Alan Gomme-Duncan

Can my right hon. Friend say whether that list includes the State of Israel?

Mr. Eden

Yes, it does—57,500 dollars. In addition, in the conversations I have had with the Foreign Secretary of Israel, it has been agreed that they will take steps to deal with the Arab refugee problem within their own borders, which is quite a serious one. It will help us very much if they do that.

Following is the list:

According to our latest information, the following Governments are contributing to the programme, for July, 1951, to June, 1952:

In terms of dollars
Australia 350,000
Bahrain 21,000
Belgium 30,000
Bolivia 5,000
Denmark 43,500
Egypt 391,000
El Salvador 500
France 2,571,400
Greece 56,000
Honduras 2,500
Indonesia 30,000
Israel 57,500
Jordan 168,000
Kuwait 31,500
Lebanon 33,000
Luxembourg 2,000
Mexico 115,600
Netherlands 25,000
New Zealand 210,000
Norway 14,000
Pakistan 90,000
Philippines 10,000
Qatar 21,000
Saudi Arabia 115,000
Southern Rhodesia 19,600
Sudan 144,000
Sweden 20,000
Syria 60,000
United Kingdom 12,400,000
United States 50,000,000
Venezuela 20,000
Viet Nam 5,000
Yemen (Large quantity of cereals)
Yugoslavia 45,000