HC Deb 25 July 1951 vol 491 cc448-9
18. Surgeon Lieut.-Commander Bennett

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs what countries are included in the term, the "Near East," as used in official terminology.

Mr. Ernest Davies

The term "Near East," which was connected with the Ottoman Empire, is outmoded in this country and "Middle East" has now superseded it for official purposes. The countries included in the term "Middle East" are Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Persia, Syria, the Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Trucial Sheikhdoms, Kuweit, Bahrein, Qatar, Muscat, the Aden Protectorate and the Yemen.

Surgeon Lieut.-Commander Bennett

Can the hon. Gentleman say that there is nothing eastern that is, any nearer than the Middle East now?

Major Legge-Bourke

May I ask the hon. Gentleman if he will say where Greece comes in now, because Greece always used to be in the Near East.

Mr. Follick

It is in the Levant.

Mr. Davies

Greece is considered to be in the Mediterranean orbit.

Mr. Chetwynd

Could my hon. Friend say whether the Near East has gone west?

Surgeon Lieut.-Commander Bennett

Can the hon. Gentleman say whether the. Levant still has any official existence?

Mr. Davies

No, Sir.

Mr. Wakefield

Can the Minister say why he does not include in his definition the Sheikhdoms of Khor al Fakhan and Kalba and others in that vicinity?

Mr. Davies

Perhaps the hon. Gentleman will put down a Question.