HC Deb 03 July 1951 vol 489 cc2135-6
43. Mr. Moody

asked the Minister of Works whether he has yet reached a decision on the desire of the House to erect a statue of Keir Hardie within the precincts of the Palace of Westminster.

Mr. G. Brown

No decision has been reached on the proposal to erect a memorial to Keir Hardie as consultations have shown no unanimity on the subject in the House.

Mr. Moody

Does my right hon. Friend realise that this will be a great disappointment to people in many parts of the world who are admirers of Keir Hardie, and will he take steps to see that something is done about it, and that very soon?

Mr. Brown

Yes, Sir. I take the view that it is a very great disappointment that we are not able to make progress. I am willing to have further discussions on this matter in the House, if hon. Members can be pursuaded to take the view that it is a good thing to do so.

Colonel Gomme-Duncan

Is the Minister aware that this disappointment is nothing to that from which Keir Hardie must be suffering from the modern Labour Party and its methods?

Dr. King

Is my right hon. Friend aware that when this Question was debated in the House it received very generous support from both sides of the House, with the whole of this side in favour of perpetuating the memory of Keir Hardie within the precincts of the Palace of Westminster, and that if the Whips were taken off from the other side we should get it carried by a large majority?

Mr. Brown

I am governed by some rules in this matter, as the House knows, but if it is thought useful to reopen discussion I will certainly do so.