HC Deb 27 February 1951 vol 484 c1888
18 and 19. Mr. Llewellyn

asked the Secretary of State for War (1) what uniform, other than outer clothing, will be issued to officers called up under Class Z Reserve who have no uniform; and at whose expense;

(2) whether he will publish a list of outer clothing which will be issued to Class Z officers on recall.

Mr. Strachey

I will, with permission, circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT a list of articles which will be issued free on loan to officers who are recalled for training and do not provide their own uniform.

Following is the list:

Item and Quantity to be provided by Army if nor brought by Reservists—
Badges, cap 1
Titles 1 pair
Bags, kit 1
Jerseys, pullover 1
Shirts, flannel 2
Socks 2 pairs
Ties, khaki 1
Towels 2
Boots 1 pair
Greatcoat 1
Beret (blue or khaki) 1
Anklets 1 pair
Battledress blouse 1
Battledress trousers 1 pair
Denim blouse 1
Denim trousers 1 pair


  1. 1. Knife, fork and spoon will also be provided.
  2. 2. Cartons for the storing of civilian clothes can be provided by the Army, but reservists are advised to bring their own suitcases for this purpose.
  3. 3. Badges of rank/chevrons (both for officers and other ranks), if not brought will be issued on loan for the period of training.
  4. 4. The following articles will not be provided and should be brought as required by all personnel:—underclothing, pyjamas, toilet articles, braces and medal ribbons.