HC Deb 10 November 1950 vol 480 cc1319-20

Select Committee appointed to examine such of the Estimates presented to this House as may seem fit to the Committee, and to suggest the form in which the Estimates shall be presented for examination, and to report what, if any, economies consistent with the policy implied in those Estimates may be effected therein:

Committee to consist of Thirty-six Members: Mr. Albu, Mr. Arthur Allen, Mr. Heathcoat Amory, Mr. Alexander Anderson, Mr. Awbery, Mr. Nigel Birch, Mr. Champion, Mr. Geoffrey Cooper, Viscountess Davidson, Mr. Diamond, Sir Ralph Glyn, Mr. Gunter, Viscount Hinchingbrooke, Mr. John Lewis, Mr. Selwyn Lloyd, Mr. Low, Sir Hugh Lucas-Tooth, Major Niall Macpherson, Mr. Manningham-Buller, Mr. Maudling, Mrs. Middleton, Mr. J. Enoch Powell, Mr. Thomas Reid, Mr. William Ross, Mr. Sydney Silverman, Mr. Norman Smith, Mr. Snow, Mr. Summers, Mr. Turton, Mr. Wade, Miss Ward, Captain Waterhouse, Mr. William Wells, Mr. West, Mr. Yates and Mr. York.

Seven to be the Quorum:

Power to send for persons, papers and records; to sit notwithstanding any Adjournment of the House; to adjourn from place to place; and to report from time to time:

Power to appoint Sub-Committees and to refer to such Sub-Committees any of the matters referred to the Committee:

Three to be the Quorum of every such Sub-Committee:

Every such Sub-Committee to have power to send for persons, papers, and records; to sit notwithstanding any Adjournment of the House; and to adjourn from place to place:

Power to report from time to time Minutes of Evidence taken before SubCommittees.—[Mr. Royle.]

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