HC Deb 28 June 1950 vol 476 cc2263-4
22. Mr. Sorensen

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies, in view of his decision to send special trade union and labour advisers to Nigeria, whether these will be concerned with giving advice and assistance to all wage earners in Nigeria as well as miners; and whether he is considering the need of surveying conditions of labour in all the Colonies, in order where necessary to send out similar special advisers.

Mr J. Dugdale

The answer to the first part of by hon. Friend's Question is "Yes." As regards the second part, labour conditions in all the Colonies are kept constantly under review with the assistance of the Colonial Labour Advisory Committee.

Mr. Sorensen

Do I understand that these trade union officers are to visit all the various trade unions and take steps to try to form trade unions in other areas and among other sections of the workers where possible?

Mr. Dugdale

They are going to examine the whole trade union position throughout Nigeria.

Mr. Awbery

Would the Minister say whether the Government recognise trade unions and whether they negotiate with the representatives of the employees out there?

Mr. Lennox-Boyd

In order to make this more clear, are we not right in thinking that the purpose of this special mission was not to set up trade unions while they are there, but, on their return, to report to the Government how best to get the Nigerian trade union movement properly established and under the right leadership?

Mr. Dugdale

Yes, generally speaking, that is correct.

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