HC Deb 27 June 1950 vol 476 cc2083-4
30. Mr. Snow

asked the Minister of Pensions whether, in view of the increased duty on petrol, he is now able to say by how much he intends to increase the annual allowance paid to war pensioners to whom he has supplied motor cars.

Mr. Marquand

I have decided to increase to £50 per annum the allowance towards maintenance and running expenses paid to those war pensioners to whom I have supplied motor cars. The increased allowance will take effect from 18th April, 1950.

Mr. Snow

While accepting this evidence that at any rate a Labour Government keeps faith with the disability pensioner, may I ask my right hon. Friend how many of these grants are in payment, and whether the number is likely to increase?

Mr. Marquand

Yes, Sir, there are approximately 1,400 in payment at the present time. The number will go on increasing, as I shall explain in answer to the next Question on the Order Paper.

Sir I. Fraser

Was it not shown in the Debate in the House the other day, when the Chancellor offered this concession, that these people will be at a loss of £10 each, not £5?

Mr. Marquand

People's circumstances vary very greatly, and it is impossible to give a general figure of that kind.

Sir H. Williams

How much will be left out of the £3 million balance on the amount raised on the Petrol Duty after the right hon. Gentleman has given this allowance?

31. Mr. Crouch

asked the Minister of Pensions what steps he takes to see that a motor car is delivered to a war-disabled man as soon as possible after the approval of his Department has been given to the application.

Mr. Marquand

I undertook to supply 1,500 cars over a period of two years. Up to date, 1,334 have been delivered to pensioners: thus the promise is being completely fulfilled The actual date of supply to individual pensioners has been arranged as fairly as possible.

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