HC Deb 13 December 1950 vol 482 cc1282-3

Lords Amendment: In page 2, line 8, at end, insert: (d) in pursuance of any enlistment for a period not exceeding eighteen months with a view to service in Korea.

10.4 p.m.

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Labour (Mr, Frederick Lee)

I beg to move, "That this House doth agree with the Lords in the said Amendment."

This Amendment is one of several which, together, implement an undertaking given in the House to confer reinstatement rights on men who have voluntarily undertaken a period of whole-time service with a view to service in Korea. I understand that, in all, about 1,100 are concerned. The justification for the Amendment is that these men can be regarded as having undertaken a "duration of hostilities" engagement rather than an ordinary engagement for a fixed period. The Amendment covers other ranks who accept a War Office Type K engagement for 18 months' service with the Colours provided their services are required for so long. These comprise men from civil life possessing the qualifications specified by the War Office for this engagement and National Service men who have not completed their periods of whole-time service.

Mr. McCorquodale (Epsom)

We welcome this Amendment from another place which the Minister has moved and which we proposed during the Committee stage in this Chamber. I am grateful to the Minister for bringing it in, together with the other Amendments. I do not think, however, that the method adopted is the simplest that might have been devised. The Bill has now become horribly complicated, and I do not envy anyone who does not understand the principle of reinstatement in endeavouring to find his way through the great intricacies of the Measure. I am also sorry that it should even appear that officers should not have the same rights as other ranks in regard to reinstatement. I understand, however, that officers are covered in other ways and, therefore, I do not press the point.

Question put, and agreed to.