HC Deb 20 April 1950 vol 474 cc333-4
Mr. Churchill

Has the Lord President of the Council any statement to make about Business for next week?

The Lord President of the Council (Mr. Herbert Morrison)

Yes, Sir. The Business for next week will be as follows:

MONDAY, 24TH APRIL—Conclusion Of the general Debate on the Budget Resolutions and the Economic Survey.

TUESDAY, 25TH APRIL—Second Reading of the Coal Mining (Subsidence) Bill, and Committee stage of the necessary Money Resolution.

WEDNESDAY, 26TH APRIL—Report stage of the Budget Resolutions, and Committee stage of the Distribution of Industry Bill.

THURSDAY, 27TH APRIL—Supply (10th Allotted Day), Committee. Debate on the Fishing Industry in England and Wales and Scotland.

FRIDAY, 28TH APRIL—Second Reading of the Royal Patriotic Fund Corporation Bill and the Merchant Shipping Bill, and Committee stage of the Ways and Means Resolution.

If there is time, Second Reading of the Newfoundland (Consequential Provisions) Bill [Lords].

Mr. Pickthorn

In view of the technicality and difficulty of the Coal Mining (Subsidence) Bill, will the right hon. Gentleman consider giving us the longest possible interval before the Committee stage?

Mr. Morrison

I will consider that. I will take that point into account.

Mr. Paton

In view of the forthcoming conferences, can my right hon. Friend say if consideration is being given to a day for a Debate on Far Eastern affairs?

Mr. Morrison

I am afraid I had not considered that point. Whether it will come up on a Supply Day I could not say, but I have made no provision for it.

Mr. Arthur Colegate

Would the Lord President of the Council be prepared to consider extending the Debate on Monday by an hour in view of the large number of Members who wish to speak on the Budget? There are a large number still awaiting an opportunity to speak.

Mr. Morrison

I thought we had given reasonable time for the Debate. Sometimes other Business comes on after Ten o'Clock. Further, we have tomorrow as well as Monday, and I should have thought that that was adequate time.

Mr. Colegate

Does the right hon. Gentleman recollect that we are now discussing two subjects, the Budget and the Economic Survey?

Mr. Morrison

I realise that, but we took that into account in allocating the time.

Sir H. Williams

Has not the right hon. Gentleman stolen the time of the Report stage of the Budget Resolutions by changing the Standing Orders?

Mr. Morrison

If the House alters its Standing Orders, it would be quite unfair to charge me with stealing something. That is not a respectable way to speak about the Standing Orders of the House.

Mr. Sydney Silverman

Was not the change in the Standing Orders carried out and accepted by the House on a recommendation unanimously made by a Select Committee?

Mr. Morrison

I have forgotten, but I think there was some comment about it at the time.