HC Deb 25 October 1949 vol 468 c1136
21. Mr. Marples

asked the Minister of Labour whether, with a view to preventing a recurrence of trouble in the docks, he will consider the appointment of a committee to make recommendations on the composition, powers and duties of the National Dock Labour Board.

The Minister of Labour (Mr. Isaacs)

No, Sir. The recent troubles at the docks arose over matters unconnected with the Decasualisation Scheme.

Mr. Marples

In view of the fact that the trouble in the docks has been more widespread than that in any other major industry, and that investigation into the Dock Labour Board could not be carried on when tempers were high, would it not be a wise precautionary measure to proceed now, when tempers are calm and the men are back at work?

Mr. Isaacs

I see no reason for investigating the conduct of the National Dock Labour Board.

Mr. Awbery

Is not the number of days lost in strikes in the docks now, less under the Dock Labour Corporation than in any other period of its history?

Mr. Mellish

Is not this matter one which should come from the trade unions and not Members of Parliament?

Mr. Keenan

Would the Minister take note that the trouble in this industry has largely been caused by the interference of those not connected with it?

Mr. Isaacs

I thought I made it clear that I can see no reason for questioning the conduct of the National Dock Labour Board.