HC Deb 23 November 1949 vol 470 cc353-4
30. Mr. Piratin

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies how the selection boards choose detenus in Malaya and Singapore for re-education at the Academy of Peace and Tranquillity; whether the detenus so chosen are allowed to refuse to attend; and what is the course of study provided at this academy.

Sir T. Moore

In order that we may understand the reply to this Question can we know what is meant by "detenus "? I cannot find it in any dictionary.

Mr. Driberg


Mr. Rees-Williams

I am not using the word, and so, perhaps, the hon. and gallant Gentleman will be satisfied with my reply.

Detainees are selected after personal interview by a committee, which includes unofficials, on the recommendation of the police, the superintendents of detention camps, and Committees of Review. Only those willing to attend are selected. The programme includes vocational training, instruction in manual crafts and agriculture, primary education in the detainees' own tongue, and in Malay or English. Lectures will be given by distinguished visitors. Detainees will manage their own camp organisations.

Mr. Piratin

Somehow the Under-Secretary of State has not given the House the information required, namely, what particular subjects are taught to these persons in the faculty of peace and tranquillity? If he knows the answer to that it will be very useful for all kinds of countries in the world to have that answer. Can the hon. Gentleman say, at the same time, if those persons are being taught to accept imperialist domination as a form of peace and tranquillity?

Mr. Rees-Williams

No information of the Russian State is given, so the last part of the supplementary question does not arise. As to the other part, I have already given the House, I think, the programme which it is intended should fit these people into a happy, peaceful and prosperous life in the community.

Mr. Gallacher

For what sort of wages?

Teachers' Salaries 36. Mr. Wyatt

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies what provisions there are in the scales of non-European Malayan teachers' salaries for extra payments for special qualifications.

Mr. Rees-Williams

For some categories of teachers there is provision within the salary scales for extra payments according to qualifications. Most teachers, however, enter different salary scales according to their qualifications.

Mr. Piratin

Can the Under-Secretary tell us the relative salaries of European and Malayan teachers?

Mr. Rees-Williams

That is a different question altogether.