HC Deb 23 November 1949 vol 470 cc338-9
18. Mr. Spence

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Civil Aviation whether he is aware that Aberdeen Flying Schools, Limited, were obliged to cease instruction on 2nd September, 1939; and why they have not been allowed to resume in view of the fact that it is four-and-a-half years since the end of hostilities.

Mr. Lindgren

I would refer the hon. Member to the reply which I gave to his Question on 16th November. That reply applies equally to the activities of Aberdeen Flying Schools, Limited.

Mr. Spence

Arising out of the Parliamentary Secretary's reply and his previous answer, may I ask him whether he is aware that when this school was requisitioned both the buildings and trading rights were taken over? So far, only the buildings have been derequisitioned and not the rights.

Mr. Lindgren

On the de-requisitioning of the property the rights of those owning both the flying school and the club were freed for them to operate if they so desired.

Mr. E. L. Gandar Dower

Does that mean that the companies may resume as they were on 2nd December, 1939, when they were requisitioned?

Mr. Lindgren

I should require notice before I answered that question in full detail but, so far as my Ministry is concerned, the buildings were de-requisitioned and the opportunity given to the owner immediately to recommence the activities of a flying club, for social activities and of a flying school for instruction and flying.

Mr. Gandar Dower

Arising out of that answer, I beg to give notice that I intend to raise the matter on the Adjournment on Monday night.

19. Mr. Spence

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Civil Aviation what repairs in respect of dilapidations have been carried out on the hangars belonging to Aberdeen Flying Schools, Limited, at Dyce Airport.

Mr. Lindgren

I am informed that such repairs have been carried out by the Aberdeen Flying Schools, Limited, after the property was de-requisitioned in August, 1946. I suggest, therefore, that the hon. Member should seek the information from them.

Mr. Spence

Is the Parliamentary Secretary aware that these buildings were occupied by the Ministry for some eight years, and they could surely have been repaired when they were handed back in August, 1946. Will not the Minister now see that some settlement is arrived at with the owners?

Mr. Liudgren

The requisitioning was by the Air Ministry and the buildings were in the use of the Air Ministry during the war. They were handed back to the operator at his request in order that he could more quickly resume his activities but, unfortunately, he has not done so. In conclusion, I should like to say that it takes two to make an agreement.