HC Deb 09 March 1949 vol 462 c1185
50. Mr. Baldwin

asked the Minister of Food whether the liners "Queen Mary" and "Queen Elizabeth" are provisioned with fresh eggs produced in the United Kingdom; and whether the supply is rationed on the same basis as to home consumers.

Mr. Strachey

No, Sir, the "Queen Mary" and the "Queen Elizabeth" are provisioned with eggs in the United States. The only United Kingdom eggs they receive are those provided for the crew whilst the ships are in port.

Mr. Baldwin

Will the right hon. Gentleman make further inquiries with regard to this matter? I have a reputable journal in my hand, the "Year Book of the National Poultry Club," which definitely states that poultry packers in Hampshire have been instructed to send all their eggs to Southampton docks for provisioning these ships.

Mr. Strachey

I can only say that the reputable journal in question is in error.

Mr. Drayson

If the Minister says that dollars are permitted for the purchase of eggs in New York, will he make those dollars available for the buying of feedingstuffs so that we can feed poultry here?

Mr. Strachey

That is another matter. Whether these ships ought to be provisioned in the United Kingdom is another question, but, in fact, they are not.