HC Deb 11 July 1949 vol 467 cc23-4
48. Mr. Ellis Smith

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he will give the names and positions of ex-Nazis who have been appointed members of the I. G. Farben disposal panel or in the management of the steel industry.

The Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (Mr. Mayhew)

One of the six members of the I. G. Farben dispersal panel, Freiherr Von Ritter, and three of the 12 persons to whom invitations have been sent to accept appointments to the German Steel Trustee Association, Messrs. Deist, Dinkelbach and Von Valkenhausen, were members of the Nazi Party. All four have, however, been cleared by de-Nazification panels, as have all other members and prospective members of these bodies.

52. Mr. Skeffington-Lodge

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he will give an estimate of the number of Germans who were Nazi leaders and members of Hitler's General Staff and who have gone underground; and what steps are being taken to trace them.

Mr. Mayhew

One hundred and twenty-eight prominent members of criminal organisations declared illegal at the Nuremberg Trials are still being sought in Germany. The German authorities are responsible for tracing them. All leading members of Hitler's general staff were found after the collapse of Germany.

Mr. Skeffington-Lodge

Is my hon. Friend aware that only about 40 out of 150 of the permanent guard of Buchenwald concentration camp had been apprehended? Is it not a menace to security that these and many others like them, who have changed their names, should be at large in Germany today?

Mr. Mayhew

Yes, I would agree with that, but from time to time arrests are made; we have had one or two recently.

Mr. F. Noel-Baker

Can my hon. Friend say how many Nazi leaders and European Quislings are still being given asylum in Franco Spain?

Mr. Mayhew

Not without notice.

Mr. Paget

Can my hon. Friend say when we shall have an Act of Indemnity and stop chasing these men?

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