HC Deb 06 July 1949 vol 466 c2148
77. Brigadier Medlicott

asked the Secretary of State for Air what regulations at present exist to limit or control the flying of aircraft at low altitudes and the performing of aerobatics over built-up areas.

70. Mr. Baird

asked the Secretary of State for Air what regulations are laid down for the control of aeroplanes flying low over built-up areas.

Mr. de Freitas

Paragraph 717 and Appendix XXVI of King's Regulations and Air Council Instructions, a copy of which is in the Library, set out the current regulations about low flying and aerobatics by Royal Air Force aircraft. The essential provisions of these regulations, which can only be set aside by an air officer commanding and then only for specific operations in specific areas, are (i) flying is forbidden below 2,000 feet except when taking off, when landing, or when made necessary by weather; (ii) aerobatics are forbidden below 3,000 feet, and, in some circumstances, below 6,000 feet. Offences against these regulations are severely dealt with. The usual punishment for an officer is dismissal from the Service.

Mr. Stokes

Will the Under-Secretary say to whom people should report when they have cause to complain on account of excessively low flying?

Mr. de Freitas

Yes, Sir. They should complain to the Police.