HC Deb 04 April 1949 vol 463 c1694
53. Mr. G. Williams

asked the Minister of Agriculture what results he has had from his campaign to persuade fishermen to land whole fish instead of dumping heads and tails in the sea.

Mr. T. Williams

There has been no such campaign. At one time maximum price schedules laid down by my right hon. Friend the Minister of Food had the effect of encouraging the landing of headless fish, but that was corrected last November, and I feel that it would be difficult to justify taking any further steps at the present time in view of the need to land maximum quantities of edible fish.

Mr. G. Williams

Is the Minister aware that I understood he was carrying on a campaign; and, as he says he is not, will he consider carrying on a very strenuous campaign, as at the present time fishmeal is of the utmost importance for rearing pigs?

Mr. T. Williams

I fully agree with the hon. Member that fishmeal is of some importance, but while there is a shortage of other kinds of food, the maximum quantity of edible fish is also a grave necessity.

Mr. D. Marshall

Is the right hon. Gentleman stating that since the order was altered, there has, in fact, been no change at all?

Mr. T. Williams

Well, perhaps a change, but a change for the worse from the point of view of fishmeal.