HC Deb 03 March 1948 vol 448 c371
25 and 26. Mr. Platts-Mills

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (1) what documents relating to Sir Oswald Mosley's relations with the Nazis were captured by the Allied Forces; and if he will publish them;

(2) if he will publish all those documents captured by the Allied Forces which relate to the relations between the organisation then calling itself the British Union of Fascists and the German Nazis.

Mr. Bevin

So far, no documents relating to Sir Oswald Mosley's relations with the Nazis have been found among the captured German Foreign Ministry documents, which are those that concern my Department. The second part of the Question does not therefore arise.

Mr. Platts-Mills

In view of the terms of my right hon. Friend's answer, which seemed to indicate that further research is still being made, and in view of the likelihood of this gentleman quite soon exercising to the full the political liberties that he has, could my right hon. Friend pursue the inquiries further?

Mr. Bevin

As I announced to the House the other week, we are going through all the documents in an ordered manner.

Mr. McGovern

If, in pursuing these inquiries, the Minister finds such documents, would he consider publishing them along with all documents in relation to the Hitler-Soviet pact?

Mr. Bevin

I said in the House the other week that I did not want to depart from the arrangements that had been made, and that was to take every set of documents in order, one at a time—to be done by thorough investigation—and then publish all of them. I think that is the proper thing to do.