HC Deb 08 July 1948 vol 453 cc586-8
Mr. Oliver Stanley

May I ask the Leader of the House if he can tell us the Business for next week?

The Lord President of the Council (Mr. Herbert Morrison)

Yes, Sir. The Business for next week will be as follows:

Monday, 12th July—Supply (21st allotted day)—Committee. A Debate will take place on Food.

Tuesday, 13th July—Committee stage of the British Nationality Bill [Lords].

Wednesday, 14th July—Supply (22nd allotted day)—Committee. A Debate will take place on Housing.

Consideration of the Motion to approve the Leather Charges (No. 3) Order.

Thursday, 15th July—Consideration of the Lords Amendments to the Criminal Justice Bill.

Friday, 16th July—Consideration of the Lords Amendments to the Nurseries and Child Minders Regulation Bill.

Report and Third Reading of the Development of Inventions Bill [Lords].

Concluding stages of the Factories Bill [Lords] if not previously obtained.

Second Reading of the Statute Law Revision Bill which is expected to be received from another place today.

Second Reading of the Agricultural Holdings Bill which is a consolidation Measure and is expected to be received from another place on Monday.

Mr. Driberg

For the convenience of the House, could my right hon. Friend indicate whether Monday's Debate on Food is intended to cover such matters as the groundnuts scheme and so on or whether it is intended to be purely domestic?

Mr. Morrison

I had the impression that it was domestic. I suppose that in so far as the groundnuts scheme would have a relationship to the domestic food position, it might be relevant. It is for the Opposition mainly, but I thought it was intended to be in relation to the British internal food situation.

Mr. J. S. C. Reid

Is it not the case that the Food Estimates cover the groundnuts scheme? If the whole Food Estimates are put down, that will cover food imported from all places.

Mr. Morrison

I think that is so. I was only careful not to take liberties at the expense of the rights of the Opposition, but I think that is so.

Mr. Stanley

I wonder if the right hon. Gentleman, who is in a very unaccustomed mood, is aware that the Ministry of Food Vote is down today with the Colonial Office Vote in order that any one who wishes to raise the groundnuts scheme in connection with colonial development will be able to do so?

Mr. Morrison

That is so. It has been put down for that purpose.

Sir Henry Morris-Jones

On a point of Order. May I ask a question in regard to tomorrow's Business? A large number of Members of Parliament from Wales of all parties are particularly interested in an Amendment on the Order Paper to the Veterinary Surgeons Bill which will be debated tomorrow. I would ask you, Mr. Speaker, whether you will be kind enough to indicate, in view of the engagements many of those hon. Members have in their constituencies, whether it is your intention to accept the Amendment in their names.

Mr. Speaker

The hon. Member is probably referring to a new Clause which appeared on the Order Paper for the first time this morning—(Docking of Tails). Quite frankly, I saw it on the Order Paper but did not give it any consideration as to whether or not it was in order. I am afraid that the answer is that the hon. Member must wait and see.

Sir H. Morris-Jones

I am sorry; I could not have made myself very clear. I was referring to two Amendments in the names of many hon. Members from Wales of all parties in regard to the inclusion of Wales in that Bill.

Mr. Speaker

I mistook the Amendment. I am afraid I have not been through the Amendments yet. I did not know until this morning what Amendments might be put down. One cannot look over things weeks or days beforehand. I am sorry that I cannot say. My first impression quite frankly was that it would probably be in Order, but I should not like that to be definite.