HC Deb 18 February 1948 vol 447 cc1142-4
25. Mr. Cook

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Civil Aviation whether it is proposed to sanction the introduction of an air service in the near future between London and Errol

30. Mr. Willis

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Civil Aviation when it is proposed to sanction the institution of link services between Turnhouse, Errol, Renfrew and the main services.

Mr. Lindgren

British European airways are not intending to introduce, In the near future, services between Errol and Renfrew or Turnhouse to link with existing services to London, or to provide a through service to London Such services would involve a considerable operating loss, and also expenditure on the improvement and operation of Errol aerodrome. In view of the present need to curtail uneconomical and inessential air services, the introduction of an air service on either of these routes to supplement existing rail communications would not be justified.

Mr. Cook

Is the Parliamentary Secretary aware that the Chairman of the Scottish Advisory Council wrote a letter to the Provost of the City of Dundee informing him that the Council were going ahead with this venture? Why is it suddenly cancelled, and what powers have the Scottish Advisory Council to make recommendations? Just where does the Ministry interfere in the day-to-day administration?

Mr. Lindgren

The duty of the Scottish Advisory Council is to give advice, but all the advice which is given is not necessarily taken.

Colonel Gomme-Duncan

Does the Parliamentary Secretary mean to say that the whole of this area of Scotland is to be without air service, when it had a service before the war? In view of the promises given by the Parliamentary Secretary, among others, that this would be looked into quickly, what is being done in the matter?

Mr. Lindgren

Scotland is well served. Perth and Dundee are within a small mileage of Glasgow and Edinburgh. We are continually being pressed to give the North-East Coast, Cornwall and Wales some services before link services are provided for Scotland.

Mr. Emrys Hughes

Are Members of the Scottish Advisory Council being paid £1,500 a year to give advice which is not taken?

Mr. Lindgren

Strange as it may seem for Scotland, the services of members of the Scottish Advisory Council are given voluntarily.

Mr. Cook

Will the Parliamentary Secretary go to Dundee and try the service for himself? Is he aware that this is a growing industrial district covering a wide area, and that this aerodrome has to provide for two cities?

Mr. Lindgren

One appreciates the urgent need for a large number of services In a large number of places, but when the capacity is small, we have to decide where It is most proper to supply that capacity. As far as this case is concerned, we do not think it is proper.

Mr. Douglas Marshall

Arising out of the Parliamentary Secretary's reference to Cornwall, may I ask him to re-read the Debate on the Third Reading—

Mr. Speaker

Cornwall is not in Scotland.

Mr. Willis

Has a stop at Errol on the Shetland Islands-Edinburgh service been considered?

Mr. Lindgren

No, Sir, that has not been considered. It is considered more important to give a service to the Islands and to provide communication with the mainland than to provide communication between Errol and Edinburgh and Glasgow, where road and rail communications already exist.